Random Sam Facts

-I primarily chew on the left-side of my mouth, though would have answered the right-side, had I been asked this question not already knowing the answer

-The sound of people dragging their feet while they walk annoys me. I drag my feet while I walk

-I lose bobbie-pins in my hair more often than you would think, so I always keep an odd number in for when I count them out

-I'm a horrible name person

-When my hair is short, I want it long. When my hair is long, I want it short. Either length, I consistently wear one style for each

-I have an impressive amount of useless knowledge about a large range of dog breeds

-I love to sneeze

-I'm a manic hobbyist

-I can't sign. I still sing

-I feel you should surround yourself with people who make you work hard to be a better you, to help counter the people who make it easy for you not to be

-I don't think stubbornness is a characteristic flaw, although it's often used as a negative accusation

-I have a ton of self control, until I don't

-I hardly ever dreamt before chemo, now it's an amazing world in my head during slumber

-When flying in a plane, I worry more about surviving a crash into the ocean, leaving me for shark bait, than I am about the plane actually crashing

-I hit snooze 7 times before getting out of bed

-I wrote this in the morning, hence all the sleep facts

-I really would like to use the words: fancy, peculiar, and dicey, more frequently in my everyday vocabulary

-I usually drink coffee while using Crest White Strips

-One of the most heated arguments I've ever gotten into was over whether the phrase, "Small things amuse small mind" was a degrading statement or not (for the record it's not… want to have a conversation about it?)

-When cooking pancakes I like to flip the pancakes in the air and catch them in the pan, it makes the kids laugh and makes me feel….. fancy


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