Thursday, March 28

Easter Party Catch Up

My intentions are to use today as a bit of a breather, from the last few weeks. Play a bit of catch up from certain areas I just haven't been able to squeeze in…or haven't made any extra effort too...Hence this morning's blog post.

I've been keeping at a steady pace with both work and play. Despite the obligations that are expected to be accomplished within this day's hours, there's a lack of urgency to them….I like that. A lot.

Life's been tapping into the reserved energy source of Sam, lately. Not to suggest it's all been from a negative syphon, but it's been draining none the less. I've been telling myself that time will naturally be found for it all…pretty sure that's just a coping mechanism on my part, but I'm nestling my reassurance in the idea, for now.

Honestly, I'm my own worst enemy in this sense. When things are a bit too pressing, too real life, too adult, I can't help but counter that all by throwing in some play, mindlessness, and fun…

Example: Last weekend's, last minute, Easter Party.

 photo IMG_6459_zps84ec4a37.jpg
{Bunny Bait Station: precomposed White Trash Mix with added food coloring colored coconut, raisins, marshmallows and fruity pebble cereal, instead of captain crunch.}
 photo IMG_6460_zps83320e8a.jpg photo IMG_6467_zps885120e8.jpg photo IMG_6474_zps1902f9d2.jpg photo IMG_6478_zpse2431dae.jpg

It was great, low key, and right up my alley of releasing a bit of the stress and successfully shifting the focus for a bit... 

 photo IMG_6481_zps4b96cffe.jpg photo IMG_6501_zpsb8bb68d5.jpg photo IMG_6498_zpsae85d92c.jpg photo IMG_6504_zps94484ec3.jpg photo IMG_6505_zps73b6257b.jpg

But now that I'm back to coaching myself, to keep up with the momentum on the less fun, from day to day, I know it's time for me to step it back a bit, assess the pulls, and funnel my focus.

 photo IMG_6512_zps064ad3d3.jpg photo IMG_6523_zpsf4cd173a.jpg photo IMG_6532_zps93372459.jpg photo IMG_6534_zps57543173.jpg photo IMG_6536_zps3bbd47a4.jpg photo IMG_6548_zps20fb16a6.jpg photo IMG_6554_zps1e239b90.jpg

Realigning the balance between responsibilities and rewards, a little more evenly…. or at least favoring in the play.

 photo IMG_6557_zps3ea3a27d.jpg

Happy Thursday.

Monday, March 18

Mothering vs. Parenting

I'm not a perfect mother, but I'm not foolish enough to think I'm anything less than a good one.

 photo IMG_5351_zps82a1b33a.jpg photo IMG_5362_zps797c7a69.jpg photo IMG_5289_zps57157262.jpg

Sometimes, I'm too impatient, too temperamental, too tired, too busy, too overwhelmed, too distracted. But I kiss the booboos, teach the manners, apologize when wrong, lead by example, relish the giggles, and fiercely love my babies.

Mothering my littles is easy, natural, and despite my stumbles on short tempers, weariness, and second guessing….. I know within it all, I thrive in the good of it's roll.

 photo IMG_5361_zps2145aec2.jpg photo IMG_5302_zps9d757556.jpg

The last few weeks, I've woken up to the fact that all my doubts of being a mother, aint got nothing on having just scratched the surface of my path's journey in being a parent.

I place more security, than I should, in the comforts I find with a cause and effect approach to most things. This way of thinking, I feel, compliments my mothering nicely, however, I'm learning, it's less flattering to my method of what I would consider successful parenting.

 photo IMG_5272_zps2c7ae7db.jpg photo IMG_5280_zpse63ef1bc.jpg photo IMG_5299_zps2ba1f134.jpg photo IMG_5301_zpsc3e862e9.jpg

The last few weeks, Wesley has been lying, sneaking, and track covering… I know I mauled over my approach to handling this longer than I should have, for two reasons… One, I secretly hoped my subtle talks to him about truth, trust, and kindness would be enough for him to change the course of his behavior and secondly, I didn't want to forge this path, take that irreversible first step, acknowledge we're at this stage …. I wanted to burry my head in the sand.

 photo IMG_5259_zpsf106e112.jpg photo IMG_5174_zps1ea82727.jpg photo IMG_5270_zpseb690252.jpg photo IMG_5274_zps92dee415.jpg

The reality is, as appealing as it seemed, we have never been lazy parents, and just because the waters were rippling more than usual, didn't mean we were going to start now.

I'm sure as the situations change, so will our approach to handling them, but I feel confident we at least set a good precedence from where we'll start.

 photo IMG_5310_zpsa7fe04b5.jpg photo IMG_5344_zps9c850821.jpg photo IMG_5144_zps4c96a386.jpg photo IMG_5297_zpsea128e26.jpg

As of Saturday, team Richardson has had their first official "grounding".
The knots in my stomach that I've been suffering for the last few weeks, have subsided. This factor alone telling me, we may not be perfect in our parenting, but we've at least taking the first few steps on a path to being good ones.

 photo IMG_5257_zps90dae4bc.jpg photo IMG_5252_zpseebe75d8.jpg photo IMG_5251_zps03a0d278.jpg

Friday, March 8

Easter Wreath

The kids and I haven't been in our craft flow, as much this winter, as we typically are. I think it's because play dough is the preferred favorite at the moment and to be honest… I'm not a fan.

And though I can usually counter my own need to be creative through things in the kitchen, with Easter coming up and a halloween wreath idea I'd seen on Pinterest, I pulled the tulle, plastic eggs, and a styrofoam ring and put myself to work…..

 photo IMG_6258_zps5064086d.jpg

All I did was….

Bought a 14" styrofoam ring
Picked three Eastery colors of tulle
Cut that tulle into 28" strips
Wrap tulle around styrofoam ring using a simple Larks head knot
Hot glue gunned some plastic easters to the bottom
Wove an extra piece of tulle between some based knotted tulle & tied them off to be able to hang from a 3M hook.

 photo IMG_6288_zpsa1cdeff8.jpg

And voila!

 photo IMG_6300_zps762493b5.jpg

Both easy and pretty.
I foresee a holiday/season/event/just because spirited wreath ring for every season!

Wednesday, March 6

Momentum Favors Spring

The momentum that always carries me through the months of November - February, has started to fizzle out… and fizzle out fast it has.

 photo IMG_4910_zpsc125ee3a.jpg photo IMG_4894_zps092c9eb8.jpg photo IMG_5002_zps40f22ef8.jpg photo IMG_4999_zpsf5fe4630.jpg

Bottom line… I'm over the cold, the snow, the winter.
I'm ready for Spring.

All my motivations seems to be lying within the things that can not be done, until the snow is gone, grass is grown, and the sun is shining more hours than it is not.

 photo IMG_5027_zps7e99c3ab.jpg photo IMG_5077_zpsc42545ca.jpg photo IMG_5045_zps76a7ceae.jpg photo IMG_4923_zps9db1c200.jpg

There has been a gradual, but significant shifting in the scales of mothering vs. parenting, the last few months between Wesley and I. It hasn't been an easy adjustment and I can't say that I've been handling it with as much grace as I thought I would when these challenges came.

 photo IMG_4867_zpsc8fe04ec.jpg photo IMG_4872_zpsec089fab.jpg photo IMG_4984_zps1b2d9322.jpg photo IMG_4997_zpsc263e72a.jpg

I love all my kids spunk, I find it so easy to embrace their uniqueness, and encourage the positive energies that make them such gifts to this life. But I underestimated my shoot from the hip responses to the behaviors that I don't feel should be supported, validated, or are disheartening.

I know my nip it in the bud demeanor, with little to no patience for such unfavorable behaviors, and short direct authoritative correction, isn't the most beneficial way to counter certain attitudes, but it's my base to better myself from….. and I'm working on it.

 photo IMG_6264_zpsc7c77a65.jpg photo IMG_6265_zps0726fe7a.jpg photo IMG_6269_zps2df9b783.jpg photo IMG_6285_zps19bad34e.jpg

But, despite the start of stir crazy and the spring fever rapidly rising, we're enjoying our days that don't feel as long as the leisures we've been taking within them and will continue to enjoy the lull of the rally's ambition, until the weather warms, snow melts, and day grow. 

 photo IMG_6322_zpsaf73deca.jpg


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