Sunday, February 27

At Vacation's Bottom

That's it. It's over. Done. The downward slides momentum has ceased. I can't wait for vacation to start and dread it's end, but it's here and as sad as this makes me, my house should be ecstatic. The routined of non-vacationed days needs to be restored, in a really big way.

I know myself well enough, that putting up this post tonight, gives it the greatest chance of being it's best. Tonight, I'm still in the mind frame of the vacation zen. Tomorrow, I will crave that structure of the every day. I will be manic and I will scurry, with a mind set on "do", dismissing vacation as it now being done, loosing some of the finer reflective details between the ever changing loads of laundry, loud roar of a well rested vacuum, and energy displayed in it's rare, rabid form.

Though there were a few unexpected trips to the doctors office for medication to treat ear infections, conjunctivitis, and some suspicious looking tonsils, vacation was good, it was great.

We headed North to visit some cousin and the mini-road trip was worth it. The kids played, the Mumma's talked. I hate how there are only a handful of time through out the year we get together, but love the fact that it feels as comfortable as if we saw each other more, it's refreshing to say the least.

Then, last night…. oooh last night… the kids went to Mom & Dad's and Nate and I did something we rarely ever do. We went to the bar. We usually don't get any more adventurous than going out to dinner when we have no kids, but last night, with some friends, we went out out. I can't remember the last time I spent so much time putting on make-up, doing my hair, and picking out an outfit. We went out to supper, we laughed, we danced. We danced.

I love to dance.
The type of dancing that starts from your hips, working it's way simultaneously down your legs and up your core. I love all joint points moving, head swinging, arm flaring, feet jumping, song yelling minute of it. I love not caring I could easily be confused for a diseased giraffe with a bumble bee repeatedly stinging it's head. I love that the music's too loud and the floor too sticky. I love how there is a common thread sewn between every erupting body by the over emphasized bass and the unison of shouted lyrics. Mostly, I love how the picture quality of the night clearly (and not so clearly) reflects the mind state of the operators behind it.

(and I love that because we went out the same time I'm normally going to bed, my eyes at the beginning of the night look as though they should at the end)

Here is where I jump off my vacation sled, lay at the bottom a bit, and think about how fun it was, making that climb to the top of the next great ride, well worth it.

Wednesday, February 23

Oh Oh It's Maaaaagic…

As if giving this post the title I did, wasn't dipping my feet into the pool of cheesiness enough, I came, this close, to jumping into that very pool, cannon ball style, by throwing the song on my playlist to accompany you through the reading.

I can't promises you anything though, the draft process has just started, the kids are sleeping, and the wine is good, reeeeal good. I just might take that running leap before the night's end…

Commencing with today's writing…

If I were to stake clam on any room in our house, other than the kitchen, dinning room, living room, master bathroom, or porch (yes, I'm considering that a room), it would most definitely be the bedroom…more specifically my our bed. At risk of sounding like I'm pimping out my house on MTV's Cribs… it's where the magic happens, and not in that sexually suggested provocative way…

It's the place that is randomly congregated to throughout the day, because it provides the bed that is so inviting to be bounced in, rolled over, snuggled down, and danced on.

Nothing is better than waking up to the ever constant rotation of the night's residence. Gaining my day's energy, by breathing in Josephine's heart beat, with my lips lightly pressed to her ever closing soft spot on the top of her head, while her slumbered breathing stirs during the morning hours. I kiss, kiss, kiss, knowing the spot will soon be gone and covered with hair, but it's not yet, so I kiss, kiss, kiss while I can.

At least once a day I sit on the edge of the bed, watching Calvin jump with the same amount of control as a one legged moose running. It makes me a  nervous wreck, but I laugh uncontrollably, in that baited breath kind of way. I burt out in a cackle, but stop abruptly, hold my breath, convinced this is the jolt that will send him to the floor, through the wall, out the window, but it doesn't, he lands with his feet deeper in the mattress steadying himself and laughs, and so do I.

At night, I know half the stories Wesley tells, while nestled in when we escaping away during the day's end to do our nightly reading, are elaborated on for the sheer reason of prolonging bed time. I listen, ask the appropriate questions during the appropriate times, doing my part in the bed time avoidance myself. He talks, I listen, but my mind wanders and eyes trace his face. How has he gotten so big so fast? Where is the Wesley that use to sleep cradled in my arms all night, and jumping on the bed all day? That Wesley has turned into a boy who now needs time away from us all, hunkered in his room, with music in his ears. Needing time away from his brother who can be so annoying, sister who wont leave any of his stuff alone, and parents… because they are his parents. I find it hard not to resist the change, the gained independents that's fast approaching, but for now, wizard talk with a too fast growing boy, it is.

I really am far more in love with my bedroom than any sane person should be. I'm sure in the near future, I will put more thought behind this attached emotion to a room, in a house, that is our home, but that time isn't now. Right now what I know is, for those reason's alone, it's pretty plan to see, why I love this room so much, and claiming it as my very own… it's indeed, where the magic happens...

(No Pilot's "It's Magic" streaming into your brain?… You're welcome!!)


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