Friday, March 30

Our First Friday As Chick {And Duck} Owners

A few hours ago, I had the most perfect opportunity to sit down and write a focused and collected post. The only problem being, that I was no where near being at all collected or close to being focused. I busy bodied myself enough to relieve some of the mental mania, now I can honestly sit here and type with clarity, I have no idea how we are even at Friday in the week.

I blame it on the shock of realizing Easter is next weekend, I blame it on Blogger throwing me for a whirl by changing their template, I blame it on the snow, I blame it on the little escaped snort with Joey's belly giggles, I blame it on my need to listen to Mumford & Sons album on a continues repeat, I blame it on the 3 bags of jelly beans I've eaten in an impressively short period of time, I blame it on ………………………this……………….…. part of the play list song being my favorite part...

But mostly… I blame it on these guys…

I had big plans for these little ones, for my little ones. I have this dreadful feeling that this Easter will be our last Easter, that all three kids will still believe in the magic of a bunny… So in attempt to make it  an amazing hooray, I had envisioned a fluffy chick surprise filled Easter morning… the Easter Bunny would have pulled through, in a big way…

Because reality tends to work his unwelcome'd way into many of my 'big plans' to make a long story short, things started falling apart at the seems.

Apparently, Pullets {please excuse my newly retained chicken lingo} are a hot commodity, something you plan for, prepare for, and place an order ahead of time for, not just run to the store on a whim to pick up the day before Easter… and if you do have the opportunity to just run to the store and pick some up, it's a week and a half before Easter Sunday, it also requires three separate trips to a 45 minute away store, first thing in the morning, with an "I guarantee, you chickens this time" pledge that has just as much follow through as me "guaranteeing" to stay away from the jelly beans the next few weeks.

So long story, turned to short story over, we now have six chicks and two ducks residing in our basement until they are not only big enough, but the weather is warm enough, to transfer them to their forever home… outside.

The kids are in love with them, I'm excited for fresh eggs, and Nate's partial to the ducks… But we are all very much enjoying the experience of something so new and different to the Richardson family… {except for Buffett.. she hates them… I guarantee she'll warm up to them though}

Anyways, this very moment doesn't present itself with as ideal as a few hours ago, my attention occupied by writing has created mayhem in the form of Wesley releasing a few too many chicks from their confinements and is now having great difficulty herding them in the same general direction, I feel it's time to bring this post to a close and go enjoy the show.

May no one fall asleep on your head this weekend…

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 26


I don't really know how to start out this post… The fact that I'm still widely happy about how this weekend was spent is in my fore mind, my lack of personal photos isn't providing a visual, to prompt the start of small minute moments, and my heart is reassuringly settled with some mauled over emotions that have been provoked within the last few weeks.

And now that I'm starting in with my often therapeutic writing, I'm realizing that even though this weekend was filled with guaranteed fun {kid free dinner out, The Hunger Game movie, photo sessions with beautiful subjects, catching up with old friends, and celebrity crush talking with others} the self reflecting dust, seems to have settled from the last few week, carried a level of gratitude and appreciation for those contained with in the last few days.

I think being a mother, you expect that there is a certain level of influence that other children will have on your own kids. Good or bad. Up until lately, I never once entertained the thought, that other people's parenting would require so much countering on the approach my own. I've always heard those awful stories about adults acting immature toward kids, but never been there first hand or at that hands end. I've also known parents to expose their kids to things well before I feel is age appropriate, but thankful its on the outside of our family core. And although most are comfortable about talking not doing, I know the importance I hold in showing my kids that life offers more valuable lessons when spent doing, not just talking…

The last three weeks, life set out its tests, in the form of other's parenting, immaturity, and bold talk… I must say, my usual people pleasing manner, didn't care who's feather's were ruffled, confidence thrived in comfort, knowing that to myself I was remaining true.

Although it makes me sad, that Wesley was exposed to a bit of real life, himself… I'm glad to have shown it's ok to pull back from certain areas without regret, a level of maturity is needed the most, when the situation presents it the least, some ties are worth cutting, and the people you feel are worth being a positive part of your life, are those who are worth the efforts.

Now, I realize, it's just as important to put as much effort into keeping those, who you feel are not worth being anything more than an unavoidable part of life, at a minimum.

So this Monday comes on the end cap of a weekend spend with people worth making efforts for, focusing sights, and parental securing. This regrouping has me in the stage of black and white thinking, what kind of people and situation I want to surround me and my family with, and more importantly a concentrated focus on what Nate and I don't. I know time will bring out the grey, but for now…

There is some life 'doing' to be experienced…

Thursday, March 22

So Far, So Good… A Little Too Good

While picking though the pictures of the last 4 days, all I can say is the common theme is swinging, playing, and sun. I can't make myself drone on about how nice it is outside, this is known, I haven't heard any disgruntled opinions about the weather, nor do I expected to …my approval of the weather is not needed, but I will say, it makes me happy, very very happy.

The kids have a healthier look to them, with sun kissed cheeks and I like it….a lot. I have been turning into super mom when the clock strikes 3:00 in the afternoon, trying to keep the semi-napping kids from napping so late in the day. I'm like a female version of Richard Simmons on bath salts.

Clapping around the house, creating games that mostly require me turning into some sort of monster and having to roar, postpone the cooking of supper until Nate gets home, and preparing dinner with two babes counter topped, while singing songs like, "We jump jump jump, when we peel peel peel, the POTATOES!!!!!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAAAAAAAAAAAKE UP!! …….ROOOOAR!"

Needless to say, by day's end I'm physically exhausted myself, but for whatever reason this 'non-forced functionality' has been working a little too good. I've been managing work and play rather productively and I would be laying if I didn't say, I'm just waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Crafting with the kids, cleaning up the dog's winter 'deposits', setting up shop for personal projects, bubble blowing, preparing for a weekend of playing I can call 'working', park visiting, play dates and pulling from winter's storage, have all had their due time, with plenty of spare.

Other than Joey spilling my wine glass all over on my phone last night, well after a time that she was suppose to be in bed, my manner as been even. I know that it wont stay this way. I'm almost 100% sure I jinxed myself just writing about it this morning and things will start falling apart at the seams today… in fact Joey and Calvin are fighting over who's "Mumma" I am right now, refusing to accept the reality that I'm am equally both.

We've got a wicked weekend ahead of us and I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle the excitement of it all, but before then, we've got a Thursday to be had. I can only hope it plays out as great as the last 4 days… but if it's not… that's fine too.

Happy Thursday!


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