Thursday, June 30

Weekend Prep

Right now my sites are set on the weekend of the fourth of July. My lists are made for what I need to do, and possibly too aware of shortening amount of time I have to do them in. You know that click, click, click of the roller coaster, just before the plummet…. I'm in 'the click'... And not so ready to round that top, yet more than excited for what's to come.

The 4th of July is amazing around here, and I'm going to have to be fully submerged in all of it's greatness, before I can even begin to describe it's excellence. The last few years I've been so overly thankful that Nate's 4th of July traditions have mingled so comfortably with my side of the family's, making it more perfect, than I even thought was possible.

(After having to jump back in the van, because this squirrel ran toward me, it held the kids and I hostage for some time, outside of mom & dad's…note:that last statement, might be as dramatic as my reaction to a squirrel stepping toward me)

But with perfect holiday celebrations, come high holiday expectations... Expectations that are thrust upon me, by no one other than ….myself. But that's me..... The one that wants to have everyone's anything ready, on hand and prepared ahead, so little effort need to be made when the time to sit around, talk, laugh, drink, and eat, with little distraction, from being so very present, in every minute, of a weekend that comes around once a year and goes by far too quickly.

Right now, I have 6 boxes of cereal on the counter, 10 cream cheese in the fridge, 11 bags of chips, and a list longer than it all, of things I want to get done, before the most welcomed company arrives, later this afternoon, but not until after the most amazing of 8 year old boys, finishes up his 'best thing ever in life' soccer camp.

It's what I do, I stay up until 12:00 AM, filling water balloons, until my fingers start to blister, because all of that will be forgotten as soon a the belly giggles start, and the balloons burst. The unavoidable state of overwhelming 'there's too much to do' panic, I will find myself floundering in will all be dismissed as displaced excited energy, when that camper towing truck pulls in the yard, later this afternoon.

Because the 4th of July is something special around here, something worth getting worked up for, the restless, mental noting, mind's sleep, the early morning prep, following the late night do's, because the efforts are worth the return, in a firework oooohing, camp fire adoring, great people basking, laugh 'til your cheeks hurt, unforced, completely intangibly, rewarding way.

Best 4th Of July Weekend Wishes!


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