Tuesday, August 28

Hurry Up And Wait

I've started to write this post, before I've even taken any images off my camera. This may not feel as weird to you as it does me, but trust me, when I say it's down right weird.

To be completely honest, I don't know if I even have any photos on my camera to pull…. This is in consequence of two things.. one: I have sessions I haven't yet backed up and I refuse to delete from the my cards until I do… in turn hindering me from throwing whatever storage is left on them, for personal…. and two: I've got a new baby nephew coming any day now… and when that phone gets rungs, text message received, or smoke single alerted, the one memory card that I do have for free space, will be ready to accompany the battery I refuse to have less than full charged at any moment's notice.


I'm in a state of 'hurry up and wait' in a lot of area's in my life right now… the biggest being the baby I'm going to have to fight Josephine for my far share of smoother time… and others work related, with back orders, print failures, and miss sent merchandise…. all with the common thread of being unable to do anything about.


I'm ready to embark on our last week of vacation and as I mentioned before, I'm looking forward to it, as much as I am not. We don't have anything extravagant planned this week {until Friday, when Wesley and I will get a little escape away, to go to a concert, Wesley's cousin so kindly invited us to} so I'm looking forward to going wherever the days take us, before I have to bank on weekends and vacation to have all three littles surrounding me again.

I'm trying to take stride in the typical racing of thoughts that this time of year brings with it. When I'm not physically stretched to be on the go, like in the rush of summer, my mind tries to compensate for it, in the slower days….. Jury's still out on how well I will succeed at this.


Right now, I'm hurry up and waiting for the kids to get home, from a spur of the moment night with their grandparents…. I'm anxious for them to get here and after I publish this post, I plan on taking advantage of this kid free moment, by twiddling my thumbs until they are here…


Note the are no pictures from my Canon to be pulled… Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 24

Home Ready

I've had this post written in my head for the last week. Pictures have already been uploaded and waiting in photobucket to be pulled, but finding time to dump them all on here, has been harder to come by than I would have thoughts.


I've been throwing myself into all things 'home' since we've been back from our Vegas adventures. I wouldn't go as far as to say, I'm ready for school to start, but I've defiantly been craving the structure and home stay, that the school year brings.


I'm ready for some routine, I'm ready to be firing from home base, I may even be ready for crisper days, but I'm not, however, remotely close to being ready for the alarm filled mornings.


This week, has been the first week, of a full meal menu plan, since a month before school ended. Our yard, has had much needed attention drawn to it, inside our house, the rooms that have been considered the 'catch alls' are no longer busting at the seams, and I'm finding much comfort in focusing on the busy work of settling within our home.


I think it's safe to say, my mind set has shifted from swimming, grills, and bathing suits, to crafts, casseroles, and comfy hoodies.


And I'm more than ok with that.

*************************************** Senior Session Preview *****************************************



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