Wednesday, June 11

Dear Calvin, {6 Year'sOld}

Right now, you're in your bed after a hard day's play. This time of year is a hectic one and I love the soundness in which you sleep and dread the time in the morning I have to wake you up. You like your sleep and are cranky when you get little of it.

I like that you're grouchy to greet the day, it complements your daily cheerfulness nicely. Plus, I love being one of few who know this side of you. Your happy go lucky, charm filled self is shared with so many, that I selfishly like to keep that crusty side of your bright, just for me.

At age 6, I hope you remember how in the mornings, I lay beside you and rabidly kiss your face until you pull the covers up over your head to hide your smile. You always declare a hatred for school, I know you don't have and then I sing you a ridiculous song that will end up having the word "poop" in it, because that's my ace in the hole to get those giggles started every time.

Helping you out of your morning crankies, helps me work out mine. I like it.

The other morning you prompted me by saying 'until I laugh, I'm not really awake, remember that Mumma.' I'll remember that.

At 6, you still snuggle on my lap and kiss me goodbye before school.
You triple check for cars before crossing the road, despite still holding my hand.
Your shadowing Wesley will soon become annoying and looking after Joey like you do, will never get old.
Your kindness and sincerity leads my own.

This year for your birthday party day, it rained….a lot. You played with your friends regardless. You had fun, looked happy, and hopefully felt as loved as you are.

Kip came to you this year. You've been asking for a cat consistently for some time now. Your father couldn't resist, the sweetness that is as deep as your brown eyes, any longer.

True to your nature, you're cautious, even toward something your heart wished. You're getting braver by the day with him, but you break my heart with how personal you take even the smallest of scratches.

Despite being hesitant at times, you're protective of him too, there is no second guessing with how you should love him, when your brother and sister pester him relentlessly.

Where part of you can be timid, that other part is so sure.
I love watching you grow more steady in that sureness.

You've dabbled in being mean lately.... Simply mimicking behavior by others displayed around you and toward you. It's more funny than offensive to watch you try, it's just something that doesn't come natural to you.

You upset yourself more for having tried to be mean, than the subject of your directed meanness... which is mostly me... and I thank you for allowing me to be the one you try to figure yourself out with. 

It's your soul's fiber sewn the drive the purity of your genuine heart, by this I am continuously smitten.
Sometime soon, you'll realize I'll be easily hoodwinked by that smile.

You're a reseved mischievous
a tender heart
a sensitive soul
a do gooder
a rule follower
and mine.

I love you, Monkey Man.

Love, love,

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