Saturday, February 18

Gettin' Gone...

I have a easily triggered reset button when it comes to my kids. The gem of 'me-times' is always manifested in the ordinary everyday's mundane.

It's in the 9th consistent minute, of a steady trudged run, my feet can no longer resist pulling out a few moves in the treadmill two-step. Reset.

The Ingrid Michael song, that always follows my favorite Madeleine Peyroux, 4:36 minutes after I've submerged myself into the, too hot, drawn bath water. Rest.

Anytime in the kitchen… The first sound of vegetables hitting a greased pan, for sautéing. The steam rushing up my arms, off of a pot draining pasta. The smell of fresh garlic…. the.smell.of.fresh.garlic. Reset. Reset. Reset.

So take all of that information, add it to the fact that I suffer from a ridiculous case of "mom guilt" over the most minuets of anything {especially when it has to do with things I'm doing fun, without my children} and throw in the little tidbit of information that Nate and I are leaving tomorrow on a cruise, while leaving the three kids behind, but picking up two of our friends along the way… for no 'good' reason… other than escaping for some adult time with my husband and two of our best friends.

Cue the mom guilt… full force my friends.

I'm looking forward to doing nothing, even though nothing, isn't something I do well… but it's hard for me to ignore the fact, that I've been harboring some this guilt since the start of January.

My parents are coming to stay at the house with the kids. I'm excited about this. I'm excited for my parents to be able to have the day to day experience of all the little things that the kids do to make you fall deeper in love with them. The everyday littles, that can only be experienced first hand, savored in those moments, immediately heart swelling, hook… line.. suckering. I want my parents to soak those parts of their grandchildren up and it makes me happy knowing, my parents want that too.

Nate's already given me fair warning, that when we get back, he wants no mention of any post vacation regret. No qualm about how I spent too much of our time away, missing the kids, not enjoying it for the break that it is.

So I'm gearing myself for reading without interruption, eating without sharing, waking up because I've slept enough, and looking forward to what I'm banking on being the ultimate reset.

But right now, I've still got packing to do, ketchup to clean off the back of the dog, toe nails to paint, empty threats to make, and a bit more of my babies to soak up before tomorrow.

Until next weekend.

Happy Saturday!!

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