Wednesday, February 1

Just One Of Them Days

Joey's been sleeping horrible lately. We've been battling a less than regular sleeping pattern for awhile during the days, but it's finally carried over into the night… this isn't something I'm all together happy about. I wont complain about any extra sleep thrown my way, but I'm not one who actually needs a lot of sleep to be able to thrive within my days. In fact, if it's not one of the kids prolonging my clocked hours into the late night, I'm often willing doing that myself.. After-hours is a time for a great many things...reading, writing, catching up on trashy TV, you know all the important things, kid free time deserves. As long as the time between my head hitting the pillow at day's end and me pulling myself from bed at the next day's start is minimally interrupted, with at least 5 hours to restore, I'm good to go.

I don't mind kids hopping into bed in the wee hours, I don't mind the occasional runs for water, I don't mind the transfer from my bed to another even, but I do very much mind the every hour on the hour, unable to settle down, pitch fitting about the improper placement of blankets, fist flinging over pillow sharing, or temper raged backward body flings that somehow always make connection with my nose. 

After a week, the restless nights built up, and I found myself laying in bed, with bodies busying around me, demanding juice and breakfast, diaper changes and Little Bear, accompanied with a certain un-welcomed outward pressure on both sides of my eyes, giving new meaning to the reference of a "splitting head ache" because this pressure also created a sensation down the middle of my face of where it felt like it could potentially split, if the pressure was not immediately countered by the warmth and necessity of some strong coffee and an accusatory text to Nathan that may or may not put into question the fact that he is raising his children to hate their mother. {Which rightfully put into question me asking him where the duct tape was, later on in the day… for the record, it was for a craft FOR the kids, not for THE kids}

{Pinterst craft I pinned… next time I will add some flat toys or coins to 'find'}

The kids sensed it too, because they were in rare form today, 3 time-outs for Joey before 8:30 AM, a well displayed set of teeth marks on Wesley's back, curiosity of one little brother who didn't appreciate being pinned down by his old brother, a whole plate of an unnecessary amount of ketchup dumped on the rug, and just as the first fist fight broke out between the boys, I threw all three of them outside just as quick.

It was just one of those day, my tolerance for any or all of it was low, if existent. There was however a certain level of sanity that was restored by kicking them all out, which helped carry me through the rest of the day … There is just something energizing about watching your kids through the window, play in the great outdoors, on the other side of a noise muffling wall, being separated by a door they will have a hard time opening with those little mittened hands…. especially when this door is locked… {kidding kidding kidding}

I tried to turn the course of today, all day long, dug deep into my bag of rallying tricks, and I wish I could go all 'silver lining, better now that we're worse for the wear' on you right now, but sometime you've just got to call a spade a spade… I'm in need of some steady sleep, the boys found more reasons to disagree, than agree today, Joey took a nap purposefully to guarantee her reign of night fury continues, I felt no guilt about the amount of pasta I comforted myself with tonight, and even if the night pans out poorly, tomorrow will be better, because tomorrow is closer to the weekend than not, and who doesn't love being that much closer to the weekend...

Happy Almost Thursday friends!

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Karen Dawkins said...

Your pictures are simply amazing!!! I hope you turn your blog into a book for your kids one day. How sweet!

We're having one of those days today... I'm still in my jammies at 9:20. Sigh.


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