Monday, April 30

Reality's Ideal

I had made this mental declaration, last week, that I was going to indulge myself in alone time, for any and all future post writings. It was so nice the other night, when I was sitting in a more structured setting, where distractions were minimal, pandora played softly, and the comforting warm colored walls, in our office, hugged the pacified air around me. It was nice, reeeeeeeally nice, and like any other 'putting my foot down for me-time' affirmation, reality threw her head back and laughed.


This morning is not structured in the least, distractions are in full force, the soothing play of Madeleine Peyroux has been replaced with the annoyance that only Dora can provide. Things are far from calm and the kids are proving to be more than willing to display their wicked ways.

There is a realistic settling for my often too idealistic thoughts, this Monday morning, which I'm finding is rather appropriate after this last week … And even though the weekend has just ended, sadly it feels like it was so long ago.


The novelty of the kid's responsibility board, has worn off for them… for me on the other hand, I couldn't be any more in love with it. My delegation of elementary contributions to the running of our household, has relieved more stress {for me} than I would have ever imagined. I like it, a lot, and today I'll be adding a few more caps to the board, with the intent of nurturing a bit more of that self-indepentence in both Wesley and Calvin… {I do think it's only fair to state, that Wesley made a formal request last night, that we stop drinking Snapple… this is when I appropriately, threw my head back and laughed}


Joey has started showing interest in using the potty, I on the other hand, am doing as best as I can to avoid it. Call it good mothering if you must, but I just am not ready for all that it involves or maybe I'm not willing to give up on having a baby… I'm not sure which, all I know is, I don't like it… at all.


Despite the chaotic state displaying itself in front of me right now, the piles of papers I've avoided over the weekend, a house that is in dismay from having diverted my attention to Calvin, who is fighting off a bit of a bug in his system, I have already decided the reality of today will be best spent outside…. which is rather ideal, if you ask me.


Happy Monday!

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