Monday, October 15

Random Is As Random Does

My intention was to jump on here, before leaving for the night last Friday, throw together a post with some pictures from last, last weekend's trip to the corn maze and get it off my mind.

However, the two hours before I was suppose to meet up with my group to head south, I had to throw together and drop off brownies, upload pictures for a {thankfully} patient client, participate in a mammogram texting conversation {ok, I didn't actually have to do that, but it was too funny not to}, submit a pending picture order, pack the kids for my parent's, scrub the toilets before I left {don't ask, I just always have to, it's my thing ok}, all while being turned into a frog, by the most beautiful and magical princess in the land.


And because I don't really have a good way of transitioning back to the post, I was gonna post, that I never did post, about the corn maze, I'll throw some pictures up now…. {the rest you can see HERE}… and let me add by saying, I couldn't be more in love that my kid's have a Berry side cousin… I'm pretty sure my babes love it too.


This passed weekend's Dempsey Challenge was great. I honestly didn't know how well I would do in the run, I have been sitting in front of my computer, eating bag, after bag, after bag of peanut butter M&M's editing pictures for the last month and I hadn't run in two weeks, but I'm happy to report that I ran a whole minute under my 30 minute goal and surpassed my monetary goal by $190.00, thanks to the generosity of others. If you ask me, there was no coincident Mumford's 'Lover of the Light' streamed on, crossing the finish line…. it was a good day.  


But the house's health has seen better ones, we've already had our fair share of sickness. I'm hoping we are just getting it out of the way now and will be all set and healthy the rest of the cold, wintery months… wishful thinking? perhaps.


But these cold, wintery days are pulling me back into the kitchen for longer than it takes to season some ground beef and start of the grill… I'm love, love, loving the sensory therapy it provides.


Speaking of colder weather, sessions have been busting at the seems. The air's chill has a way of panicking people into booking before the snow flies… That is not a complaint.


Right now, Wesley's camped out on the couch, Joey is still sleeping {not a good sign}, and Calvin is pounding down some waffles between coughing fits. We'll embark on another week of trying to get some leveling with it all, as basketball starts up tomorrow.

Monday morning coffee cheers to you having better luck at finding this balance, than us!


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