Friday, October 5

The Dempsey Challenge

A week from tomorrow I will be participating in my first 5k. I'm excited about the experience, but would be lying if I gave off the impression that I was anything close to a competitive runner.

I run because I like it, I think it's important to make physically active part of your every day in a 'pushing your body' kind of way…. {that and I love to eat… like love love love to eat}. With that said, I would just as soon trade lacing my sneakers up for push mowing the lawn, downward dogging during a rainy day yoga session, or toting kids back up a snowy incline.

When I do run, like other areas in my life, I push myself to go until I think I can't do it any longer…. than I go a little more.

I'm also a mood runner… if I'm worked up, anxious, or overly stimulated I run hard and purposeful. On the other hand, I've also slowed down my pace on the treadmill and run 15 minute miles in order to sneak in a few episodes of Modern Family.

Saturday, my goal is to finish 3.2 miles, under 30 minutes, more importantly, I'm switching out the 'why I run' for the 'who I run for'. I could go on from here about how cancer affects us all, takes lives needlessly, creates struggles, heart breaks, success, and strength, but I wont…. I wont be daunting on the details here on my blog, I wont share statistics with supporting articles, convince you all of a reality we all know too well, I'm more of a do'er than a say'er anyways. 

What I will do is double knot my shoes, throw my buds in my ears, stretch out my quads and run…… purposefully.

I would really appreciate your help in reaching my fund raising goal of contributing $250.00 to be donated to The Patrick Dempsey Center for Hope & Healing, by participating in The Dempsey Challenge
{That's right ladies… Patrick Dempsey... I'm officially name dropping}

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