Tuesday, January 8

DIY Picture Coasters

This year for christmas I really focused on giving personal, meaningful, preferably homemade gifts. One of my most favorite gifts that was given, were the picture coasters to my parents from their grandchildren.

I'm in the process of making some for myself and can pretty much guarantee they will be a hot go-to gift for next years giving season.

The hardest part was finding the 4x4 tiles, but my uncle pulled through in a big way, 3 days before the Christmas morning deadline. It was gravy from there…

All I did was…..

Mod podge the surface of the tile.
Place 4x4 printed Instagram pictures on the tiles.
Mod podge over images.
Mod podge again, once dried.
Mod podge one more time, once dried, for good luck.
Place 4 small circular felt dots in the corners of the bottom of the tiles.



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