Sunday, January 6

New Year Ducks In A Row

Although I've expressed my bah-hum-bug feelings for new year's and their resolution a time or two on the blog, that doesn't mean I don't look forward to the potential that a new year brings.


I love the clean slate feeling that comes with a year's age.
I love the lull of the slow pace that subsides after the rush of the Holiday's.
I love the center focusing that relines with a year full of purpose.
I love how the first month of the new year, is designated to playing catch up for the last 11.


I always find myself using the month of January to aline all my ducks back in a row. Back up photos, upload forgotten memory cards, organize office shelf, restock inventory of bi-folds and balm tubes, and email inboxes dwindle down their junk mail intake, with efforts put toward unsubscribe to all the nonsense streaming in.


This year has had a different feeling with it's realignment though. I think it has something to do with my babes being a year old, less dependent for their day's all and a bit more of self independence coming with it.


Wouldn't it be nice if I went on about how I'm looking forward to embrace this 2013? Thriving in the growth that will come with it?


Yay…..I agree, it would be rather delightful to be in that place, but the fact that I had a near panic attack New Year's Eve around 2:00 PM, that required a best friend to talk me off the ledge of an emotional break down, via 911 text message, tells me this year will be less than embraced.


But for now, I'll avoid the dread of it all. Play catch up on uploading phone photos, organizing desktop folders, updating blog headers and placing inventory orders.

Happy Sunday.
2013, be kind.


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