Monday, April 22

It's Been A While…

I haven't written on the blog in a while… I wouldn't necessarily say it has been intentional, but I wouldn't way it been unintentional either.

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We've just been busy in that "not sure how much longer we can keep this up, without having to sleep for 3.2 months straight" kinda way. It's been on the back of my mind, to jump on here, throw some pictures up and pin down some words.

The fact, that this is a place I like to escape, reflect, and gain perspective on all the things I'm too "in the moment" to do at the time, hasn't been easy to find the time to nestle myself into here.

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I've realized, that if I force my time, into just writing to write, it defeats the whole purpose of my intention of starting this blog to being with…... With that said, the whole purpose of starting this blog, was to have a written recording of my family growing… so finding time is necessary.

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I'm in the vicious cycle of struggles in finding time for all the stuff I've got to do and creating time for all the stuff I want to.

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I'm relying heavy on the theory of, an object being in motion and staying in motion, when it comes to tending all the irons I've found myself casting into the fire…. and I'm looking forward, more than ever, to getting back and purging a bit of pent up life, soon.

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Happy Monday!

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