Wednesday, April 3

Easter's Extra Step… or Lack Of One

Last year, a few weeks before Easter, we had decided to get ourselves some chickens.

Easter around the bend, I wanted to surprise the kids with these fluffy bundles of feathers chick Easter morning. Taking that step from a good Easter, to great one.

A lot of planning, effort, and road running, went into wanting to make my babies Easter most magical, with Bunny brought baby hens.

Unfortunately, the way things worked out the chicks found their way into our home before the Bunny could bring them. I was a bit disappointed, myself.

Regardless the Bunny's work, was still a hit.

 photo IMG_6609_zps42edaa61.jpg
 photo IMG_6614_zpsecba6f15.jpg photo IMG_6615_zpsad296ad0.jpg photo IMG_6617_zpsa8c44503.jpg

This year, when at the grocery store, just a few days before Easter, the cashier had commented about the groceries overwhelming my cart, being for Easter's weekend… I think I caught us both off guard when my face drained of its color and my mouth blurted, "Easter! Easter is Sunday! THIS.Sunday! Shit."

 photo IMG_6623_zpsf3fe31e1.jpg photo IMG_6629_zpsaeb58b93.jpg photo IMG_6631_zps4ef85edc.jpg photo IMG_6632_zpsefebc221.jpg

This prompted a text to my mom to "keep expectations low" about Sunday's festivities, brought on Easter eve anxiety of 'not doing enough'…. not making the holiday I love  'special enough' … Easter itself felt like a huge leap, let alone to add an extra step… and I was annoyed with myself that I found relief in the very chickens that I put so much planning into, last year, would at least provide the needed eggs for this egg savvy season, this year.

 photo IMG_6635_zps118d3980.jpg photo IMG_6642_zps668beecd.jpg photo IMG_6646_zps023042e7.jpg

I had to settle in the 'it is what it is' reality of things quickly and once I did… I relished in the lack of having to make that 'extra step' I often feel so compelled to make.

 photo IMG_6650_zps401145f8.jpg photo IMG_6628_zps93eeeb8e.jpg photo IMG_6662_zps4457df94.jpg photo IMG_6666_zps9b465431.jpg

And I'm pretty sure the kids, none the wiser, felt the Bunny was as on his A game that day…his work, was once again a hit…

 photo IMG_6639_zps9a6bcf58.jpg

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