Tuesday, October 15

Houston: We Have A Grounding.

I wouldn't consider myself 'the fun mom' but I'm fully confident when I say that the kids certainly got stuck with a set of parents who could easily be tossed into the 'kids at heart' category.

Nate's the first to initiate any food fights, I can't resist a good game of tag, and I don't know if there has been a slip and slide, we haven't used the authority of being an adult, to take the first runs down.

I may have a secret stash of glow sticks for bon fire nights and there is always a can of silly string for emergencies.

With that said, I think the kids could easily plead a strong case of having been stuck with a set of parents who could easily be tossed into the 'strict and stern' category.

Simply, we have rules and expectations of behavior for our kids, that involve respect, kindness, fair play, and manners.

I understand finding who you want to be is within the layers of the boundaries you push and I would be disappointed if the kids didn't feel it was important to challenge them. But I also understand my roll as a parents is being consistent with my follow through when these limits are inevitably crossed.

Which brings me to the point of this whole post: Wesley's current grounding.
This isn't his first rodeo with being grounded as punishment, but it is the exact same behavior that has gotten him thrown in this arena, every time.

Sneaking screen time.
Though this time around, I'm a bit conflicted, because he was sneaking …… reading.
That's right, he was hiding under his blankets, reading a book, "he just can't stop {himself} from reading, because it's so good."

If I said I was unhappy I had a kid who snuck book time, that would be a lie. The fact that he loves to read, thrills me.

BUT, I saw him grab the kindle from my night stand, knew the weekend had already been full of late nights and told him it was too late for reading, sleep was the name of the game. I knew he was going to read, the minute he descended the stairs to his room… 10 year olds are predictable like that… and he did…

This is his 4th offense of hiding under his covers in his room, sneaking whatever screen he is able to get away with lighting up… he's a tech addict… I get it… I support it… I allow plenty of it to be indulged in throughout the day time hours… but the guidelines were set… I told him no… he chose to do it anyways… my hands were tied… my follow through was necessary.

And for the next 5 days, this is what I'm left with ….

 photo IMG_7977_zps25d0326d.jpg

A 10 year old, sprawling himself across any area, I'm occupying, heavily sighing, dramatically declaring his unhappiness and boredom for life in general.

You would think, giving him this gift of time, would be more appreciated than it is... seeing as he has all the time in the world to burry himself in that 'must read' of his…

Apparently, reading isn't as appealing to him unless it's taboo, so he's got another day worth of wallow, then I'll have to address this as well with chore delegations, which he'll hate even more…

but being grounded isn't suppose to be fun and what I feel is good parenting, not always fun.

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BeeCountry said...

As my dad would put it. "stay the course". Reading or not No means No.



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