Wednesday, October 23

Tuesday: From Good To Bad and Back Again?

The last two weeks, have had that 'back to school' vibe for me. I know it's because there has been a welcomed lull in the appointment juggling, kid tending line up, and being able to actually stay home, for more than a few days in a row.

It feels so good…. it feels nice… it feels so normal.

This morning, I breathed deep the dark, comfy feeling, the house offered. I could have easily throw the words, "perfect start" out there without haste, I did flirt with them a bit subconsciously in my head.

I should know by now, how such complete acceptance of a momentary content feelings often just foreshadows a smug downward spiral.

It was so nice to have a moment to myself, things were quiet, things were calm, things changed, quick like...

Because then, the kids needed to be woken… then re-woken, woken up again, only to have had their rooms marched with threats flying, to be woken finally for this Tuesday.

Calvin's first fit of the day came from me saying, "hash brown and apple" for breakfast to him hearing, "muffins and bacon"…. expectations like that, are hard to come back from… commence freak out.

The boys fought over the shared space between the two sinks in the bathroom, resulting in elder son, smearing his used tooth brush on youngest son's face…. Calvin's second freak out, fits nicely right here… rightfully.

Keeping your own hands, in your own personal space, is apparently harder than you would think.

I was informed about a 'letter M & S show and tell" themed day, a heart beat moment after I stood in the kitchen with hands above my head yelling, "are the expectations of our morning routine so different from day to day, that I have to remind you to even!!"

I can yell loud.
Wesley rolled his eyes.
I woke the sleeping Beanie.
She was pissed.

I scurried to find not too big, not too small, kindergarten appropriate letter themed objects.
I realized I stuffed two 'M's into Calvin's book bag, not an 'M & S'
I'm not above letting the teacher assume this was the 5 year old's error.

The van's back buckle was locked and my aggressive throwing open of the driver's side door, not only didn't help the buckle unlatch, but caused a swing back force, quick enough to punch my knee.

I swore.
The boys exchanged looks.
Found common ground with each other.
They stifled giggles.

The air in the van, on the ride to school, was filled with my silent agitation.
Wesley scream "WATCH OUT! ….. That crow is up ahead in the road…."
In a jerked response to the panicked urgency of the first two words, I spilled my coffee on my lap and bit my tongue back, so I wouldn't bit his head off.

A sleepy, cranky, woken up, Josephine wouldn't move her feet, for Calvin to get out of the van.
She cried when the boys didn't kiss her good-bye.
She typically cries, because they do kiss her good-bye.

They didn't shut their doors after getting out.
I had no shoes on.
The ground has frost.

Right now, I'm on my last cup of coffee, only because the pot has poured the last of it's first brew.
I'm thinking about making another. 

Josephine, much like her Mumma, has had her crankiness taken care of with two helpings of Pumpkin Spiced English muffins {thank you Liz for turning us on to these}.
At least until lunch.

I have intentions of working out the kinks of the drastic turn of this day, but funneling it into productivity.

The back to school vibes has depleted.
We are very much into the throws. 
We are very much back into our normal. 

I have hopes that the yin of a good morning turned bad, has to be yanged by a rough start turned to smooth ending.
I'm an optimist like that.

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All Good in mommyhood said...

Oh yikes. I have mornings like that. Wishing you a better afternoon!!!


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