Sunday, May 22

Mario Party

This week, I've attempted to publish a post, three times.
Each time, as quickly as I sat down, booted up blogger and clicked new post, I was hitting "save now" to my three words typed, while stuffing whatever was left of whoever's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and dashing away to a whole lot of every things. I haven't even had enough time to think about unloading the pictures on my camera, since last Saturday… this is usually a daily task my friends, and I think only to me, does the realization of this, show the magnitude of how busy I really must have been. A good kind of busy, the best kind... like on top of the everyday, it's time for planning a 3 year old's birthday party... kind of busy.

And today, after a week of rain, there was sun… I love sun… but, after the weekend's dust settled and I was left mentally exhausted and physically drained, I would be lying if I didn't say I was a bit annoyed at the sun's provocation to making today a productive one… but all efforts were willed.. in a big way.

So even though I'm tired, and coherent sentences seem to be quite a heavy burden, don't allow it to take away from their heart felt meaning. Because this week was full of heart felt doings..

Full of parties to prepare for..

Full of family visits…

And parties to have..

All because of a little boy, who is full of life and the love for it, full of pure mischief, raw charm, and genuine kindness, turned 3-years-old.

The unadulterated spirit that radiates, as much as his belly laughs are deep, there is just magic in this little being, his love for life is beautiful, his eyes charming, smile crooked, and heart, kind. Making the busyness of it all, the least a Mumma could do, to be able to call this little man, mine.

(Calvin's face in this picture melts me, proud big brother)

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