Friday, May 6


Today, I've got nothing. It's the middle of the afternoon, the kids are playing nicely, the daily household expectations have been achieved, and the ones that haven't are being dismisses due to the fact that it is Friday. I feel like posting something, but like I said....I've got nothing. True to form, lunch time has taken precedence over the mess I created, earlier this morning, in the boys bedroom, in my attempt to clean it out. Speaking of lunch.. how does a delicious recipe sound? Does an enchilada recipe sound even better? It's become a fast staple in the Richardson household, seeing as any leftover protein can be Taco Seasoned up, thrown together with some ingredient I always have on hand, and it couldn't be easier…. or yummier.

--1 lb ground hamburger (ground turkey, chunked cooked chicken breast, left over pulled pork, rice & beans, really… anything) --taco seasoning--broth--sour cream--salsa--enchilada sauce-shredded cheddar cheese-- Optional: (any or all) onion, black olives, spanish rice, corn, black beans, peppers.

--cook hamburger with taco seasoning according to the taco seasoning package (I stir raw ground turkey with a bit of broth & seasoning and simmer until turkey is cooked fully, stirring frequently)--throw meat into a mixing bowl and add half a small jar of salsa and two good scoops of sour cream--add any or all of the optional ingredients & a handful of shredded cheese--mix until all blended--pour half a large can on Enchilada sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 greased pan and layer with tortilla shells (you can also stuff individual tortilla shells with the mixture and fold them up to put them into the pan, I opt for the easier just as effective way)--spoon mixture over first layer of shells--cover the top of the mixture with tortilla shells-- pour rest of enchilada sauce over the tortillas (salsa works fine too if no enchilada sauce is on hand) --cover with cheese-- Bake @ 400* until bubble--

I don't know if it's because it's so easy, it taste so good, or if it's just that good, as long as I can stuff my face with every bit of it's goodness, I don't care. Trust me, the next time you have any left over meat you don't want to waste, or are looking for something different for supper, you're going to want to treat yourself to this.

In this lull of the day, reflecting on the week, and what's worthy to share, other then the recipe, I'm blank. The week was it's usual busy uneventful self, and I'm finding myself caught off guard, the weekend is here already. I'm excited for the weekend of course, but I feel like I'm leaving a week that was spent idling. Bottom line, I just feel…. weird…. and I feel foolish saying it, because I've found my balance nicely the last few days.

I've made a conscious effort and am finding myself very present in both the teeter and the totter, which I love. But with the business of being fully there in play, and productive in responsibilities, there isn't much time left for more… and the more… has deadlines… the more …has expectations…. the more… needs my attention in the fullest of presence, for a longer duration of time than the sparing minutes between dishes being loaded, diapers needing to be changed, swings begging to be swung in. Even now, between bites of a late lunch and mid-sentence typing, I have to stop, so I can chase bare butts around the kitchen, filling the house with the deliciousness of pure belly laughs.

I don't want to sound discontent with a week I'm super happy to end with achieving a satisfactory unwavering between teeter and totter, because that's not it. I'm happy with the leveling, and eager to work steadying it through the weekend.

Yet, right now, being present in my reflections on the week, how much was accomplished, time managed well, and fully present in the time spent wasting, I underestimated this feeling of unsettlement now that I've realized, where will the time be made for, the more.

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