Monday, May 30

A Manic Appetite

I can't even explain the state of exhaustion I have been in lately. Never in my life, have I had to will myself so much, to do so little. All I know, is every fiber of my being, was screaming to be shut down... I reluctantly listened, hit the 'detach and retreat' button, and shut down I did. Now, with a clearer mind and some talk therapy with a friend, the reasoning for this overwhelming urge to disengage, is a bit more clear, preventative tactics acquired, but necessary self preservations reaction harnessed.  That is neither here, nor there, bottom line, I've snapped out of whatever energy lacking, motivation stunted phase I was in and am back.

{Poor Joser didn't fair too well in the fight against the black flies}

The downtime of extra long snuggles from sleepy babies, just-one-more episode of mindless, guilty pleasure TV, complete avoidance of anything exercise related and uninspiring dinners consumed, has made me miss the me in my normal state...I'm glad to be back in my impulsive uptime, appreciating the easy that comes with the everyday efforts and my attempts to do it all skewed reality.

You know when you get the flu, and you can't eat for days, you don't want to eat, you don't think to eat, and you're willingness to put toward an effort to try to eat is lackluster. Then you wake up one morning, perfectly fine and you know, you should ease back into the whole food consumption thing, a small cup of soup with a few starches or carbs, but those mozzarella sticks sound divine and you're pretty sure that hamburger in the refrigerator just asked you politely to make it into a perfectly seasoned patty, and would be more than insulted if it wasn't fried up with onions, smothered in cheese, accented with ketchup, pillow between two fluffy buns and devoured in a manner that would suggest it was the first food you've eaten in days ….. and you do…. and you're happy you did… and you now have this appreciation for the fact that you can, without having to conjure up anything more, than a will that came from an uninhibited want.

My daily hunger is refueled and expected to be satisfied by night's fall, on any other day, this would be achieved, but right now, I'm starving, in every way. Goals zoned, food inspired, tasks keen, creatively eager, and life diligent, all wrapped up in an antsy manic undirected form of Me, and the timing is as good as any to glutinously indulge my unharnessed self, seeing as there is a first birthday party fast approaching.

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

I love these photos! Beautiful. Especially that adorable butt shot. hehe. Baby butt's are the cutest. Great post! I feel like I am looking into my own life. ; )


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