Tuesday, June 12

Ending Of...

The last three weeks, it is more likely that the kids and I have gotten ourselves dressed, from the multiple piles of clothes on the table, heaping laundry baskets, or a direct pull from the dryer, than any clothes holding drawers.


One night, for supper we had hot dogs and hot dogs alone… I'm talking, no buns, no veggie sidekick, no crunchy chip accompaniment, nadda… just hotdogs.


I became aware that my computer charger was no longer charging my computer, long enough to shut my lap top down, tucked it away, mental note it to the 'back burner' and forget about it just as quick.


For a self proclaimed over organizer, who feels in the best position of control when things are in their proper places, I've made myself a liar. Our house does not support evidence of having any of those traits, but mimics that of one who very well has let go of the reigns, in return for spending her days indulging in the madness that the end of the school year brings.


Field trips, Tball practices, field days, school plays, little league games, and all things that screamed 'end of' for another school year coming to a close.


I think I've accepted the houses state, for now. The crazy of all things 'end of' has started its petering and the ease of summer living took some roots today, with lazy starting days and later ending nights to soon follow.


And though I'm well aware, that my present state of mind is submerged into the tide of all things busy ending, I'm overly content that tomorrow's start, will mark the beginning of a long stretch of alarm free mornings.



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