Monday, June 4

Beanie's Two

I must say, that I am in the mentality of willing myself to write tonight. I'm in my keep on keeping state of mind, which I usually shift into an emergency high gear around the time my body could collapse at a moment's notice, the danger of me blinking too long could result in me falling asleep, and a mind that coaches me that this day, has still, yet to be fully ceased.


I, in no way, am under any illusion that I'm the only mother in this multi fastened teether, especially this time of the year. As aware as I am of this motherly balance of doing too much, while feeling there is just so much more to do, I'm a little too resigned to today, to process it to any further level.

The real push for this energy focus is the very fact that my baby girl turned two over the weekend and I haven't addressed it in an officially Goodnyou? manner yet.


I've started and rewritten this post at least 3 times. I've copy and pasted the points I want to remember about this weekend. I've delete the sentences that felt more forced than not. Stared at the screen mindless more than 10 minutes and have had the little girl that this very post is about, fall asleep at my feet, on the other end of the couch.


As muddled as my direction of writing is proving to be, the one constant thread is not only how much this little girl is loved, but how lucky is she to have the people she does, love her.

I could go into how special friends came up last minute to celebrate with us or how I almost cried when I watched them leave the next day. How my party planning coincided with a plethora of graduation parties, but the amount of text messages, quick stop ins, and well wish sent, were more comforting than any who sent them would ever know. Or how at one point in the night we all sat around the fire, with more than a handful of difference conversations taking place, with laughter being the common thread between them all, and I had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for everyone who surrounded the same pit as me.


But I can't get into any of that right now… I feel like I'm already on borrowed time and it's only Monday. So I'll leave it at that, Beanie girl is a lucky one… and I'm in love with the fact that she will grow up surrounded by the ones that will show her the reasons why.


Until next time…


{More birthday party pictures will be uploaded tomorrow on Goodnyou?'s Facebook page!}

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Amanda Frost said...

Way to go Wesley on busting that butterfly! Love the pic of Miller and Buffet...and we were so glad to make it up! My Monday was better than a normal Monday, I was still on a high from the weekends excitement! Hope to see you and your beauties again soon!


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