Wednesday, June 20

Summer's Tone

Last Tuesday, we walked out of the school doors, for the last time this school season. We hadn't even fully crossed the parking lot to our van, before the complaints started pouring out of Wesley. There was whining about the rest of the day's activities, sulks about iPod's not being brought along with us to camp, and heavy huffs and puffs to help get the point of his displeasure across.


Sadly enough, this set the tone, for the first week of our summer vacation.

I've been preaching a cease the summer monolog one minute and then threatening summer school, for all three, the next.


I'm having a hard time finding the balance of the rewards of summer leisure and fun vs. unsavory behaviors, boundary challenging, and blatant defiance. The kids are having an equally hard time, adjusting to the dynamic of being an all day three. 


And as much as I would like to say that it's the typical stress of being a Mumma of growing beings, I'd be lying if I didn't admit, I've allowed some negative contributors a little too close to my core... in turn effecting my responses and patience. 


Right now, I've found a few minutes between packing for a day at the lake and picking up Wesley from basketball camp, to sit and write. The instant stress relief that comes with writing, makes me guilty for not prioritizing it higher on my list.

Just these few minutes, I feel better in having focused my thoughts, hopefully shift my approach, and going into week two of our summer vacation with a much different tone….

A tone, that I am sole responsible in setting for the summer weeks to follow.


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Jodie said...

Sam...these kids have it so easy...remember when summer was just staying up late to catch fireflies?? I tell mine to hush up and remember that when I drove in a car...i looked out the window! haha! No ipods for us. :) Happy Summer my blog friend!!! xo


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