Friday, August 17

Catching Up

I'm sitting in the hotel room, while Nate's doing his hardware dealing thing…. a mile away…. in the same hotel.


I've ditched my wifely duty of tagging along during today's Orgill obligations, to take this time to try and play a little catch up on things that consequently have been hastily thrown on the back burner, during the last few week's crazy rush.


I must say, I'm feeling very small town here in Vegas. Everything is so big and accessible, it has potential to be overwhelming, but there is a lack of urgency in the air, which makes for a settling welcome…it's nice.


I'm not use, to having time to myself like this and I have to admit, right now, I'm kind of lost in what to do, where to focus, and how to proceed. As soon as I hear that key in the door, telling me Nate's done for the day, I'll have regrets of not utilizing my time more wisely.


It's hard telling, not knowing, if the next hour will prove to be a productive one.. my guess is not..


Today's our last day here, tomorrow morning we'll fly out bright and early and though we haven't been away terrible long, by my standards, it's been long enough…

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