Thursday, August 9

Keeping At Arms Length

I make it a point not to allow a large amount of the world's news into our house or around my kids. If me turning the TV off,  dialing the radio down, and only buying the paper for its coupons and comics, can be considered a selfish maneuver in turning a blind eye to the realities of life, then please excuse me while I turn away with both.

Despite my best efforts to control the sad, bad, and unfair's of the world we live in, there is no ignoring the most recent in this small town, in which my family lives. Life has so much good, great, and miracles, but when a family suffers a loss, as tragic and unexpected as a family in our town has, there is no denying there is just so so so so much bad.

This family's story, is not my story to tell, but that doesn't make my heart any less heavy or my soul from feeling sorrowful.


I could go on about how I've looked at my kids more closely the last few days, hugged them tighter, and had more patience. I could rant on about grabbing life by the balls, appreciating those you have more, and the necessity of efforts needed in making more time. Pretend I know how to handle this level of heartbreak, knowing I am not strong enough myself. Sugar coat it all, with phrases like 'a bigger purpose' or 'everything happens for a reason'. Suggest growing stronger from it is inevitable or mention how time heals all wounds.

I would not dare so easily dismiss this pain of theirs.


What I will do, is grieve for this family's loss. I will see the good in our days, focus on the greatness within each, and embrace the miracles in them, as much now as I always have. While continuing to keep my head turned, until the world, undoubtably, will once again, force me to look at all of its sad, bad, and unfair.


It's ALL Good in Mommyhood said...

Sam, such a beautiful post. I also turn a blind eye in this house to the harsh realities of life. LOVE the new header, love the pics, love the Brady Jersey. :) Love the blog, as always! :)

dig this chick said...

I know this place. It's a hard one to feel, to write about...that feeling of it not being your story to share and, yet, it effects your everything. Best wishes to you and those you love.

- Nici


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