Friday, August 24

Home Ready

I've had this post written in my head for the last week. Pictures have already been uploaded and waiting in photobucket to be pulled, but finding time to dump them all on here, has been harder to come by than I would have thoughts.


I've been throwing myself into all things 'home' since we've been back from our Vegas adventures. I wouldn't go as far as to say, I'm ready for school to start, but I've defiantly been craving the structure and home stay, that the school year brings.


I'm ready for some routine, I'm ready to be firing from home base, I may even be ready for crisper days, but I'm not, however, remotely close to being ready for the alarm filled mornings.


This week, has been the first week, of a full meal menu plan, since a month before school ended. Our yard, has had much needed attention drawn to it, inside our house, the rooms that have been considered the 'catch alls' are no longer busting at the seams, and I'm finding much comfort in focusing on the busy work of settling within our home.


I think it's safe to say, my mind set has shifted from swimming, grills, and bathing suits, to crafts, casseroles, and comfy hoodies.


And I'm more than ok with that.

*************************************** Senior Session Preview *****************************************


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