Monday, December 3

DIY: Brown Sugar Pumpkin Spice Scrub

Bath scrubs are my favorite go-to Holiday gifts. The ingredients are simple and natural, it also mixes up a lot, making it perfect to keep on hand this time of year as a 'grab-n-go' gift.

Typically, I make a scented salt scrub to give out around Christmas. I love the coarseness of salt scrub, it really gets in there and exfoliates that skin until it's smooth and silky.

This year, I'm going with a brown sugar scrub. It's finer than the salt and not as aggressive, but works just as lovely and smells like you could eat it… but, don't eat it… trust me.

I usually, throw some decorative fabric on the top of the mason jars I put the scrub in, but Pinterest convinced me I should use chalk paint to paint the lids and write with chalk on top of them this year.

Who am I to deny the persuasion of Pinterest?
But I digress… I pair these scrubs with Beanie Balm or something made in the kitchen. It makes a simple, cheap, and easy gift to not only give to those who would expect a gift from you this time of year, but those who wouldn't… like the post lady, your child's bus driver, or that one deli worker, who puts extra pickles on your steak & cheese, even when you've forgotten to order them yourself.

Once again, you'll have to bare with me on the measurements part of this recipe, but it's simple enough precision is not needed.

All I did was..

-Dump one bag of light-brown sugar into a large bowl
-Pour a couple of tablespoons of grape seed oil & stir.
-Pour a couple of tablespoons of almond oil & stir.
-Continued adding oil by the tablespoon until all the brown sugar was moist {sidenote: I hate the word moist}
- Sprinkle in a little pumpkin spice mix, stir, smell…
-Dump in a lot more of the pumpkin spice mix, like a lot, a lot, until it smells yummy enough to eat…. don't eat it… trust me.
-Grab 'em and give 'em

Happy Gifting!!

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