Tuesday, November 27

Priorities People!

I should have chosen to go grocery shopping tonight. The contents of our refrigerator leave much to be desired. All day I've been adding to the overwhelmingly growing list of need to gets.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the kid's breakfast and Wesley's school lunch tomorrow, I am not overfilling a grocery cart full of food.


Instead, I've snuck myself downstairs without being noticed, to construct a post, with the comfort of Madeleine Peyroux's voice streaming and a winter cold Miller Lite keeping me company.


I've checked my phone at least 23 times and Facebook twice. I've sent 2 e-mail and updated 4 Etsy shop product's information. Wesley's come down to talk about monetary negotiations for his school's book fair fund twice and I've entertained the thought about shutting down the computer, putting on a movie, and seeing how long it would take for everyone else to find me.


There are times like this, that I hate how hard it is for my mind to slow down. I don't want to waste this moment of solitary by mind jumping to the bills on the desk that need to be paid, the order that needs to be double checked before tomorrow, the chicken's water that needs a heating element, the basketball game that isn't until tomorrow night, that one pool stick that isn't standing as evenly as the others or how I just randomly text a friend about kale chips.


There are also times I love how hard it is for my mind to focus, like the past few days. I've thrown my scattered energy into pulling together Christmas care packages to be distributed both near and far. Giving gifts is in the top five of being one of my favorite parts to the holiday season.


I selfishly love the feeling that's attached when you present someone with something that's unsuspected.  I love handing off some homemade salad dressing on a random Tuesday. I get giddy when I find a matching set of coffee cups, a friend of mine was admiring the last time she was at my house. I can't contain my excitement when I know a package full of odd 'thinking of you's is stuffed full within a cardboard box, stamped with a snowman figures and is making its way to a friend's door step.


I don't think it could get much better than that. If giving was a drug, then the holiday season would be my big fix.

Affecting people positively is a priority.
Making time for those you care about is so important.
Little gestures, often have a grand effect.
Genuine acts, should stem from selfless intentions.


As a parent, it's one of the most important things for me to lead by example for my kids.
Putting effort into the ones you love, is worth it… pour the coffee, take the time, send the cookies, mail the letter, make the call…  it's worth making a priority…..

Groceries… apparently, not so much. 

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