Friday, March 8

Easter Wreath

The kids and I haven't been in our craft flow, as much this winter, as we typically are. I think it's because play dough is the preferred favorite at the moment and to be honest… I'm not a fan.

And though I can usually counter my own need to be creative through things in the kitchen, with Easter coming up and a halloween wreath idea I'd seen on Pinterest, I pulled the tulle, plastic eggs, and a styrofoam ring and put myself to work…..

 photo IMG_6258_zps5064086d.jpg

All I did was….

Bought a 14" styrofoam ring
Picked three Eastery colors of tulle
Cut that tulle into 28" strips
Wrap tulle around styrofoam ring using a simple Larks head knot
Hot glue gunned some plastic easters to the bottom
Wove an extra piece of tulle between some based knotted tulle & tied them off to be able to hang from a 3M hook.

 photo IMG_6288_zpsa1cdeff8.jpg

And voila!

 photo IMG_6300_zps762493b5.jpg

Both easy and pretty.
I foresee a holiday/season/event/just because spirited wreath ring for every season!

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