Thursday, March 28

Easter Party Catch Up

My intentions are to use today as a bit of a breather, from the last few weeks. Play a bit of catch up from certain areas I just haven't been able to squeeze in…or haven't made any extra effort too...Hence this morning's blog post.

I've been keeping at a steady pace with both work and play. Despite the obligations that are expected to be accomplished within this day's hours, there's a lack of urgency to them….I like that. A lot.

Life's been tapping into the reserved energy source of Sam, lately. Not to suggest it's all been from a negative syphon, but it's been draining none the less. I've been telling myself that time will naturally be found for it all…pretty sure that's just a coping mechanism on my part, but I'm nestling my reassurance in the idea, for now.

Honestly, I'm my own worst enemy in this sense. When things are a bit too pressing, too real life, too adult, I can't help but counter that all by throwing in some play, mindlessness, and fun…

Example: Last weekend's, last minute, Easter Party.

 photo IMG_6459_zps84ec4a37.jpg
{Bunny Bait Station: precomposed White Trash Mix with added food coloring colored coconut, raisins, marshmallows and fruity pebble cereal, instead of captain crunch.}
 photo IMG_6460_zps83320e8a.jpg photo IMG_6467_zps885120e8.jpg photo IMG_6474_zps1902f9d2.jpg photo IMG_6478_zpse2431dae.jpg

It was great, low key, and right up my alley of releasing a bit of the stress and successfully shifting the focus for a bit... 

 photo IMG_6481_zps4b96cffe.jpg photo IMG_6501_zpsb8bb68d5.jpg photo IMG_6498_zpsae85d92c.jpg photo IMG_6504_zps94484ec3.jpg photo IMG_6505_zps73b6257b.jpg

But now that I'm back to coaching myself, to keep up with the momentum on the less fun, from day to day, I know it's time for me to step it back a bit, assess the pulls, and funnel my focus.

 photo IMG_6512_zps064ad3d3.jpg photo IMG_6523_zpsf4cd173a.jpg photo IMG_6532_zps93372459.jpg photo IMG_6534_zps57543173.jpg photo IMG_6536_zps3bbd47a4.jpg photo IMG_6548_zps20fb16a6.jpg photo IMG_6554_zps1e239b90.jpg

Realigning the balance between responsibilities and rewards, a little more evenly…. or at least favoring in the play.

 photo IMG_6557_zps3ea3a27d.jpg

Happy Thursday.

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