Sunday, February 13

Happy Love Day!

Valentines Day is nothing, but another excuse for the big money making companies to tempt us with their sappy cards, over caloried chocolates, and plush pillow hearts. Encouraging everyone to remember to love… I don't need a cold day in February to remind me to tell the people who mean the most in my life, that I love them. They know before February 14th and will know well after, because I make it a point for them to.

Do you think I'm going to dive into this Hallmark Holiday, by flooding my house with boxes of chocolates that keep their delicious contents a mystery by being concealed with a creamy chocolate coating or have candy scattered around with bold statement's such as 'you're hot' or 'kiss me' on them? Pepper my house with hearts of all different shapes and sizes, all the while over exposing my children to every shade of red know to man?

Heeeeeeells yeah I am!!!

I see nothing wrong with declaring "But It's Valentines Day!" to justify my "one more kiss", "one more hug", "one more snuggle"….."one more chocolate". And you can put money on the fact that tomorrow, when any conversation starts via telephone, an overly excited "Happy Valentines Day!!" will quickly work it's way through the line. (such greetings will also be delivered when anyone in this house has woken up, is walking back into the room, or when they are entering my household)

Crafts supplies have been pulled out, scissors providing paper cutout hearts, and glitter glue used with purpose.

An excuse to send our love via Valentine mail? Sign, sealed, delivered!!

Mom and Dad swung in yesterday to spread their love with treats for all. Mom saw these bowls, thought of me, and brought them to the house. How appropriate to say... I've fallen in love… hard.. and I don't care who knows. I'm head over heels for my polkadot mixing bowls, I want to shout it from the roof tops.
Thanks Mom….(and Dad)!!

February 14th will come and go, but this day full of love, will carry over until tomorrow, to the next, and to the next, cycling through the rest of the 364 days, as it has every day before.
 March 24th, July 12th, or September 1st, doesn't matter, this house will remain full of beautiful hearts, those hearts, that will know there is never a reminder needed for them to feel the fullest of their Mumma's love.

Yes, beautiful, beautiful heart, fill this house.

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