Thursday, February 3


Getting away was refreshing, fun, and warm. The business of the evenings, well past my normal bed time, with its energetic lights that make the night seem to mirror the brightness of the day. The hustle and bustle that streams effortlessly from day to  night and back again. As full of life as the touristy buzz is, it's as boring just the same. Quickly repetitive and leaving me wanting to break away, escape to something the locals treasure, a place with the feeling of uniqueness and all around wholesome.

A place to fulfill my need for perfectly delicious pulled pork nachos, salted caramel or Genius chocolate cupcakes, that is well off the beaten path, but so worth the little journey. Satisfying not only our craving for none-chain, none-deep fried, none typical, but also to feed our 'off the beaten path' adventurous side.

Boy, did we find it...

It's no secret I'm a warm weather loving fool. The sun was basked in, loved, and enjoyed, but I need to show a bit of appreciation to the cold of Maine's winter months. Loving life in flip flop and tank tops, during the month of February wouldn't feel like such a treat if it were a year round expectation.

So thank you bitter cold, for reminding me to dive in deep to the toasty nourishment while it lasted, curbing my heat loving hankering. The Florida sun shown high, complimented by it's cooling breeze, but our Maine summer sun shines with so much more purpose, while stretching out it's winter contained rays, rewarding us for having endured another winter in Maine, like only Mainers can do...

5 broken hours of sleep stretched over a long, trying, indecisive, unreliable 28 hour day, spent with no promises of when we would get back to the one thing I craved the most. The ones who, I craved the most. Despite the country wide blizzard we battled on through until the wee hours of the morning..

…and isn't it good to be home…

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