Sunday, February 20

It's All Down Hill


And figuratively…
It's Vacation week at school, and I love me some school vacation. Just as much now as I did, when I was in school, if not more.

No busily annoying alarm clock rushing me into my days that are forced to start sooner than I would like. No school bus to nearly miss because the crust isn't cut off the sandwich or only two left handed gloves can be found. No waking sleeping babies to be on time for out of the house obligations, which is the best "no" of all… no obligations.

We've got a jammed pack vacation planned. Our mornings will be started by cooing calls and "good morning Mumma's", days eased into by warm coffee and energizing snuggle time, filled with visits, playing, and whatever else we feel like doing.  No obligations, just a very busy becausewewanna-gation vacation.

Yesterday, was the perfect descend into February break. Bundled beauties, winter kissed cheeks, adults feeling like kids, and kids loving every foolish minute of it.

Tonight, we'll head over to a friend's house in our comfiest of sweat pants, kids PJ's in tote, bring with us, freshly napped children, cheap wine, and thick beer.

Saturday was the peak of what we've been climbing toward, knowing it will go quicker than I would like, I'm coasting this week baby and enjoying the downward  plunge until it's time to jump off and work our way back to the top.

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