Thursday, June 2


Even with last fall as a sleepless blur, a winter that felt never ending, a just out of reach spring, and the can't come quick enough warmer weather, a year has never gone by so quickly.

Today, Josephine turns one.

Imagine. The little bundle wrapped in pink, that I was so sure would prove everyone wrong and be sporting blue, was cradled, for the first time, in my arms a year ago today, I have never loved the color pink more.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, until the moment she was born, I made my theory known, that even though the doctor confirmed otherwise, I knew the baby was a boy. I was wrong, 100% and how lucky was I to be. I never gave much thought to gender, healthy baby was all I cared about, and always figured gender wishes, boiled down to chalking one up for the home team. The minute, I laid eyes on baby girl, I knew, it was more than that.

Little thought, goes into the natural instinct, of being a good mother…. a great mother. With the boys, the goal of being the best mother for them was clear, the kind of mother I wanted to work toward to be, the kind, in the chaos of it all, the best rises to the top, and at the end of the day, I'm better for it. When Josephine Marie was born, in the first hour of her life, I over thought, every approach, to every decision, I would ever possible make, in her lifetime. There was a common ground, of being female, that I could never shared with the two boys, a ground, that in a fraction of a second, shifted, causing me to focus on refining my strides on being a better, healthier, happier me, for the best, healthiest, happiest her.

A year ago today, for the third time, I let my heart go out into the world, and instantly became very aware of the beauty, that only this little girl could bring to it.

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Erica said...

Things that I love about this post...
1. The new banner for the blog, so sweet!!
2. Wesley new hair!! Makes him look old.
3. The naked bum with the balloons picture.

So, cute!! Isn't is crazy how fast time goes when it is your own children.


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