Saturday, September 24

Philly Drop In

A few days ago, I had a 15 month old, working herself into hysteria, over the fact that I wouldn't put more toothpaste on her toothbrush to eat off, an 8 year old pulling out every piece of clothing in his closet (which would be found well after the act had been committed) asking if I knew exactly where, "those pants with the little thingy on the side, to hold things, type of thing", a 5 year old, who was hanging out with us for the day, zooming circles in the kitchen on a tricycle that was too good at 'drifting', and a 3 year old, who was trying to communicate with me, with various, woofs and ruffs, frustrations aired through growls, and an act that can only be interpreted as him pooping on my foot.

The steadiness of breath, was only supported by the comforting thought, that in just a few short days, there would be a break from it all. Adult only, kid free, staying out late, morning sleeping in, and the option to actually sit a the bar, ordering food and drinks at our leisure

Now that I'm in the middle of that break from it all… I'm ready to be back in all that it is. The fact that I get very homesick very quickly isn't new to me, and after 24 hours had gone, I was more than ready to get back. But until we land in Bangor tomorrow morning at 10:30am (with hopefully no delays) I'm enjoying the experiences of what there is to offer here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Right now, Nate's running around, wheeling and dealing, in this big old convention century, while I'm taking up one of the chairs, meant for True Value members to collect there thoughts and organize their purchases, stealing the free WiFi, editing my website, harassing friends on Facebook, returning e-mails, posting up some picture on the blog, that I intended to last week, while playing Word's with Friends on my phone, and tweeting.

If you're thinking, to your selves, that this is not at all productive to being the supporting wife, accompanying her husband, on his work related trip, you're absolutely right.

The fact that I'm getting squeezed off the table, by people who actually have work to do, means my time is up, and I should go find Nate,  (and because I think it would be fun, with the fact I'm pretty much a dork, I'm going to see if I can do this, without texting for him to give me his exactly location... yep... you just read that right)… 24 hours from right now, we'll be back in Maine, and only and hours drive from home… I'm just saying.

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