Monday, September 12

Strong Roots

We left Friday morning, to head out to Massachusetts (which I always have to auto-correct the spelling… darn that second 't') for our niece's first birthday. This trip, we bypassed Chuck E. Cheese, and hit up Applebee's. Had to stop three times, in an 1.5 hour period for pee brakes. Didn't argue over the Tom-Tom's directions. And got there before 10:00 at night.

Though the majority of the time, I spent driving, lying to the kids that we were almost there, and threatening if we had to stop anymore times, dues to those ant sized bladders of theirs, we would miss the birthday party completely, which would be no fault of mine. There was some time spent where, I had actual work to conduct while on our journey. Why this excites me enough to mention, I don't know, but it does. Granted it was only two phone calls and replying to an e-mail, it something other than, diaper changing, bogey wiping, and bottom of the pan, left over mac & cheese eating, which falls under the umbrella, of excitement for me…..sad, I know.

It was a long ride, quick visit, kind of weekend. I always have this battle within me when we go out to my in-law's, between envy of the convenance of everything and thankfulness to be far away from the bustle of it all. Thankfulness always wins… and for some reason, each time there is a deepening of contentment that comes with every victory. Like, I've been tempted with a 'greener grass' and though while frolicking through these pastures, I marvel how great this would be, I'm overly satisfied when every fiber of my being screams, retreat to your familiar meadows and plant yourself deeper in it.

{who has time for smiling, when there is peek-a-boo to play!}

As much as I'm ready to be nestle in, be contained in the four corners of our house, with little thought of what needs to be done outside of them, we've got a few more weekends away, before this can happen and I'm already feeling anxious that these weekends will be spent away from the kids. Until that, obligated time away comes, this weekend brings nothing. Our first unscheduled weekend in months, which just so happens to also falls under that same umbrella of excitement for me… in a very rooting way.

Happy grounding.
{do you like how 'Home' always finds it's way back up to the top of the playlist? you're welcome!}

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