Tuesday, September 27

Home, For Now

I'm not going to mope about how much I missed my kids, when we were away (although I missed them so terrible I could have easily made myself sick, if I gave it too much thought).  All I have to say about the trip was that, it was so city-ish. I pride myself on being one of the few fast walkers in this small town of mine, but compared to the Philly streets, you might as well start referring to me as Grandma Greddy.

There are three things I now feel very secure in my thoughts about...
One, when I don't have my kids around, I take pictures of the next best thing… food.
Two, there is no, guilt free, happy medium between, gluttonous eating and leaving food on your plate, when you're eating across the street from benches full of homeless people. There's just heavy dose of guilt and a side of sadness, added to each meal.
Three, my refusal to walk over, man holes, sewer grates, or rain drains, is highly challenged, out of Patten, and abrupt in catching off guard the rush of those city fast walkers.

I pulled the tourist roll off rather nicely, with the camera shoulder slung, head turned up, eyes darting from one new to another, and my mouth in a constant stage of an agape amazed 'wow',  and the freshness of the air we inhale deeply and mindlessly, everyday, grew a stronger sense of appreciation, with every short and thick breath, drawn, while there.

Right now, I feel like I'm in hurry up and wait mode. We've got a wedding to go to next weekend, which I'm looking forward to celebrating with friends, but relieved that it's what caps off, what's been our go-go summer. I'm ready to be home, full time kid scheduled, family focused, craft-tastic, with predictable weekly structure, kitchen adventurous, make our own fun satisfied, and if I dare say, winter weather snuggling.

I'm not wishing the next two weeks away, in fact, I'm rather enjoying the warm summer like days, followed by the cool, fall is here, nights. The hats have been pulled out of their tubs and I'm ready to see fall decorations pop up around the house. But until then…

Happy Tuesday!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~QUICK NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This week, I've been approached twice, about doing a giveaway through the Goodnyou? Blog… Both times, I gave the concern about not really knowing if it would be much of a benefit to either of their business, because I didn't know if there would be much participation. (In all reality, I wouldn't want to have a giveaway on the blog, only have the 5 family members who consistently read the blog, be the ones who won… every time… because they commented out of obligation, doing no favors for either business, but rocketing themselves to top of my christmas gift list.) 

I guess what I'm asking is this… if you would be interested in Goodnyou? taking adventure of hosting a giveaway, would you mind commenting on this post, just so I can see if the numbers would be worth it (by comments, I mean, nothing more than a random number, letter, symbol submitted, below, Facebook message, Tweet, or smoke signal) If there isn't a big response (or any response), no worries, I just wouldn't want those people who asked about it, to put their efforts into this blog, if it could be better spent to help them somewhere else!

Kudos much!


Erica said...

comment made!!

jk... I read faithfully every post! Just don't always have the time to comment. So, count me in with the family members!! :)

beggy said...

definitely with blogs, especially one this awesome is that so many more people are reading than you think. like me even though i've never commented;) oh wait but i am a family member!

definitely give the give away a shot. if it feels weird than no pressure to do it again. everyone loves free stuff!

xo, becky

ADH said...

{insert smoke signal here} lol

Jessica said...

Count me in as a blog stalker/family member. If the give-a-ways work out, we even have something to add to the prize pot to keep it going.

Melissa said...

If you have that many followers that businesses are interested in doing a giveaway through you, I think it's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that I stopped by your blog today from the 'In The Nestwork' site.

Have a nice weekend mate!

Hannah said...

Not a huge giveaway person...just stopped by via laughwithus community and wanted to say I love the pictures...especially the pink hat. What a cutie!


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