Tuesday, March 13


Yesterday, was one of those day, that the TV was set to the satellite's Margaritaville station, volume too high for anyone staying inside the house to stand, but perfect enough to stream through the open kitchen windows, to the ears of those, who busily mudding their boots out side of it.

{See that look Joey is giving me… that is saying, "You better game plan now, how you're going to stop me from repeating this very act in 13 years!!}"

It was one of those days, the kids blew bubbles, rode their bikes, splashed in puddles, and swung on swings. I pushed myself out of my manual camera setting comfort zone and attempted to work with my camera in an aperture priority…Changing the camera's setting was exciting at first, but the 'fun' of this switched quickly, when moments needed to be captured with instinctual thumb dial pushes and index finger rotating pulls.

Last week, I got together with a friend. As our conversation carried on, it was boldly blatant, how many balls I'm not only trying to keep in the air, but also my overwhelming willingness to toss so many more into the rotation. Instead of taking my normal approach of late night doings, hard pressed timelines, day minute maximizing, while trying to create more time within it all… I'm trying to find a new comfort, in an approach more slow.

I'm presently aware of making an effort to stay with the flow of the days. Utilize time in an organic way… figure out personal satisfying things, such as new camera settings, while the kids entertain themselves, with hopefully little frustrations when it comes to abandoning a 'not quite there yet' result, when the moment shifts.

I'm trying 'non-forced functionality' on for size, while throwing a whole lot of faith, on as an assessor, hoping it will pan out that there will be time for the 'all', I find so important to do.

I will say, this is harder for me than, I would like to admit.

After today's day of visits and play, with whittled in work along the way, I'm feeling good about the flow of our week so far. I know all too well, that things can change at a drop of a hate... and if they do…they do, old habits tend to be rooted the deepest, but for now, I'm sifting my settings, while keeping self standards just as high...

With hope just as hight, on finding a more even, just as accomplishing, comfortable flow.

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