Thursday, March 8

Random Ramblings

There's not much to report from the Richardson's home front tonight. It's not that we haven't been busy, but there's nothing exciting about sorting through paper work that's been piled up since before Christmas, collective planning, breaking down strategies, and late night pinning through Etsy and Pinterest.

I seem to have found myself in 'busy work' mode and I must say... I like it. I like getting the little things done that weigh on your mind for so long, but are so refreshing when completed. Like buying more spoons… where they all go, I have no idea, but we need more, it's been marked on my list, and my trip to Bangor Saturday will provide new spoons in our household and I'm already feeling great about it.

The kids and I hit the puddles today… Weather is weird here… and what was 30* yesterday, rocketed to 55* today… and as much as I tried to tell myself Spring was just flirting, I must admit, I was smitten with it's confidence, just the same.

Our windows were opened, airing out the house's winter. The open windows also helped air out the greasy smoke that lingered in the kitchen, long after the burners were turned off, from having the pan fry our burgers tonight, seeing as a nice little mouse build a winter's nest in our gas grill. Scampering across the the grate as I opened the grill's hood this afternoon, which may or my not, have caused me to drop it closed, scream like I just saw a mouse, run inside the house, slamming the door behind me, leaving the kids to fend for themselves on the porch.

On the bright side, I've brought back my afternoon iced coffee indulgence…

Which only adds to the jittery near heart attack I have at least 39,483 times a day, when I catch the kid's snow man out of the corner of my eye and think it's some crazy, random, person standing in the middle of our yard.

At this very moment, Calvin has fallen asleep in the yellow chair, Wesley has just gotten back from Karate and is singing in the bathroom, in a basic teeth brushing avoidance tactic. Joey refuses to settle down on the couch beside me, until her stuff cat named 'Meow' is tucked in just right and Nate is monopolizing the TV with 'guy' stuff and watching some other sports related something on his phone. I'm sitting cross legged, in my new favorite polka dot PJ's, getting kicked by little restless feet, and running out of things to write.

I found the little craft on Pinterest and I did it… a tuna can, clothes pins, ribbon, candle, glue gun...At first I didn't even know why this appealed to me at all... but the longer it sits on the table, the more I like it, and now feel it's more than important to balance my table with another one…

How was THAT for random…

Happy Thursday.

1 comment:

Erica said...

Love the last picture of Calvin jumping in the puddle! Very cool! Ate ice cream with a tablespoon tonight because I couldn't find a small spoon! Ugh!!! Where do they go?


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