Thursday, March 22

So Far, So Good… A Little Too Good

While picking though the pictures of the last 4 days, all I can say is the common theme is swinging, playing, and sun. I can't make myself drone on about how nice it is outside, this is known, I haven't heard any disgruntled opinions about the weather, nor do I expected to …my approval of the weather is not needed, but I will say, it makes me happy, very very happy.

The kids have a healthier look to them, with sun kissed cheeks and I like it….a lot. I have been turning into super mom when the clock strikes 3:00 in the afternoon, trying to keep the semi-napping kids from napping so late in the day. I'm like a female version of Richard Simmons on bath salts.

Clapping around the house, creating games that mostly require me turning into some sort of monster and having to roar, postpone the cooking of supper until Nate gets home, and preparing dinner with two babes counter topped, while singing songs like, "We jump jump jump, when we peel peel peel, the POTATOES!!!!!! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAAAAAAAAAAAKE UP!! …….ROOOOAR!"

Needless to say, by day's end I'm physically exhausted myself, but for whatever reason this 'non-forced functionality' has been working a little too good. I've been managing work and play rather productively and I would be laying if I didn't say, I'm just waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Crafting with the kids, cleaning up the dog's winter 'deposits', setting up shop for personal projects, bubble blowing, preparing for a weekend of playing I can call 'working', park visiting, play dates and pulling from winter's storage, have all had their due time, with plenty of spare.

Other than Joey spilling my wine glass all over on my phone last night, well after a time that she was suppose to be in bed, my manner as been even. I know that it wont stay this way. I'm almost 100% sure I jinxed myself just writing about it this morning and things will start falling apart at the seams today… in fact Joey and Calvin are fighting over who's "Mumma" I am right now, refusing to accept the reality that I'm am equally both.

We've got a wicked weekend ahead of us and I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle the excitement of it all, but before then, we've got a Thursday to be had. I can only hope it plays out as great as the last 4 days… but if it's not… that's fine too.

Happy Thursday!

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