Thursday, May 10

It's A Goodnyou? Giveaway Day {BeeCountry}

The randomly selected winner is……….. *drum roll*…………

Sarah McLaughlin!!! Cheers! Send me your mailing information Sarah and I will get the back sent right out to you!!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and I would like to remind you that you can still use coupon code Goodnyou to save 15% off any BeeCountry orders!

Happy Mother's Day!

This giveaway is officially closed for submitted comment entry

I've decided to take a whole new approach to the giveaways on the blog. Instead of tacking them on to a composed writing, I'm giving them a post of their own.
It's only far right? Someone is doing me the honor of sponsoring a giveaway, I should show them as much courtesy in return. Here, we go… 

BeeCountry creator, Briana, is not only a stay at home mom of one, due with another, she is the creative design behind all of her unique recycled burlap totes, in her Etsy shop.

Last summers I was sifting through Etsy, looking for the perfect, purse.. recycled, coffee, burlap, was all I needed to see.

How cool am I?


BeeCountry has since become my 'go-to' for all things bag assessor related and I've loved every bit of goodness that has come from her shop.

Including her newest burlap line of clutches..

{This one is my favorite *swoon*!!}

And look at the one she is offering for today's giveaway!


That's right, an amazing clutch reward, for a small feat of a comment!

Make sure you check out BeeCountry's, more than affordable, Etsy shop {check out her sponsor badge on the top right of this page}, Briana is kindly offering any Goodnyou? followers a 15% discount off any purchases from her shop, right now with code: Goodnyou 

But first, comment below to be entered to win the randomly selected drawing…. Comment about the weather…. Tell me your favorite color…. Offer up your deepest darkest secret….Don't hold back, we are all friends here…

Winner will be announced on an updated version of this post SUNDAY, May 13th…...good luck!

Only one entry per e-mail. Giveaway ends at 12:00 PM on day of winner announcement. Any entries after 12:00 PM on announcement day will be void. Although the sponsor has thoughtfully provided their product for our lil' old giveaway, thoughts and opinions on the product itself, are all mine, mine, mine.   


danielle chong said...

Those are super cute! I love the one that's your favorite!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love all her stuff! Must. Have. Peach. Clutch. **Racing you to her etsy shop right now...**

Anonymous said...

Such cute bags...going to check out esty now! Sarah McLaughlin

Erica said...

Deepest darkest secret... C'mon! I just want the clutch!! :). Love ya!!!

Jordan Wildeman said...

I cant figure out how to post a comment!!!! AHHH... I love the Brazil clutch ~

Amanda Frost said...

Such cute stuff, Etsy is so BIG, I can't believe all of the amazing handmade/homemade items being sold...!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Ah! These are adorable. Too bad you're not giving away one for all of us.

Julie said...

Oh my!!! I so want to win!!! I love the burlap clutches!!!


Ange Cilley said...


Anonymous said...

Ummmm.. I love the recycle aspect and the bright colors are sooo cute! I had better win because my husband has many secrets about your husband!!!!! Lora Ryan

Anonymous said...

SOOO cute!!!! I def want one!! What I love about these is that at stay at home mom of 1 soon to b 2 has taken a talent and made something very useful for others! All while taking care of her family as well! Kudos!! Heather Stewart Hanning

Anonymous said...

I want! I want I want! Please :). Now that I've already gotten to touch it, it should be mine! I shoulda ran with it! ;). JillMelissa.

Anonymous said...

Gotta have the bag! Gotta have the bag! GOTTA GET THAT BAG! !!!! GIVE JESSIE CULLEN THAT BAG!

Anonymous said...

These bags are sooo cute! My favorite color is blue! The bags are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your talents with us all!
Beth Tilmont


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