Wednesday, May 30

Wednesday's Balance

Yesterday, I attempted at contributing to a Goodnyou? post, from my phone, in the car. Between the amount of incorrect auto corrected words and discomfort of huddling over the device, trying to keep a focused mind, with two AirHead fueled littles disruptively bouncing in the back, didn't make the experience all together worth it.

Plus, I'm sure whatever intend yesterday's post would have had, would have been entirely different than when I had time to insert any pictures and fix those automatically assumed words… Something, my favorable, in the moment posting self, would not have truly been feeling.


That front seat perching, Maroon 5 listening, backseat banshee bouncing atmosphere, is far different than this morning, dreary couch snuggling, Ben Harper cooing, beautiful baby sleeping one… and though last night's feverish energy is far different than right now, I'm favoring this set up, right here, right now…


Like every other household this time of year, we're busy. Yesterday, I spent more time in the van sitting, than I did asleep in my bed. Dinners are half assed and mostly on the run. Playgrounds are visited more frequently, purely for their dual purpose placements, but visited just the same.


I'm having that quarterly struggle of finding the balance of another season. I should have known tides were shifting, the very first time the thought of having finally found the colder season's balance, crossed my mind, I should have braced myself for the new wave to come.


The press for school to be done is on, Little League season forges forward, the sessions for my photography business are picking up, every weekend from now until September is fun filled, with all those daily every things thrown into the mix.

I would be lying if I sat here saying I haven't felt like my feet have been pulled out from under me from the wake, a few too many more times than I have patience for. But it's this time of year that the welcomed weekend visits, indulgence of friends, and adventures worth chases, balance out the busyness of the days filled in between with responsibilities, schedules, and obligations.


Right now, I'm enjoying the calm of the house, because I know it wont stay this way for long. I have a coop to clean, a handful of pictures left to edit, a laundry basket I'm trying to pretend exists, a school fishing trip to attend, groceries to hopefully get, and a dishwasher I'm just realizing I forgot to turn on last night.


The babes are waking, morning juice is high in demand, and this Wednesday' balance is one to be found.


Wednesday morning coffee cheers to you!



Cilley Ange said...

Last pic = priceless!!

All Good in Mommyhood said...

Love the pics...and yes...another season...a new routine...just when we get a grip on last season! :)
I love your hair btw... :)


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