Sunday, May 6

Weekend's Doing

The house is in the beginning stages of settling down for the night. Wesley's in his room reading, Nate's watching some Boston generated sports performance, and Calving and Joey are snuggled into my bed watching Roku's Pound Puppies. For some reason, I've plopped myself down on the couch, thrown the laptop on my… lap … and have plugged some ear buds into my ears, thinking that Phoenix might just be able to bring me into the mind-frame of writing, despite the liveliness that our house still offers.


I'm wrong… I've sat here, mindlessly gaping at the TV, reminding myself I meant to take my contacts out 3 hours ago and mental noting the do-it's for tomorrow, this month, and lifetime. I've logged into Facebook 4 times, check into Instagram 3, and am fully educated on America's best ice cream shops, why J Lo's style has been overshadowed, and how apparently there is a Barbie, in the flesh, making waves in the UK.


Between getting up for milk, texting friends, snack getting, pinterest snooping, and blankets retrieving, it's just Josephine and I who are burning the mid night oil, now.


There is this accomplishing feeling that is accompanying me to the end of this weekend… I have been in a mind frame of 'do and go' the last few days and as much as I would love every day to be as driven as the last two, I am not unrealistic enough to know it's a direct effect from the last week of being in a state of idle.


With this being the longest that I have sat for the day, I can see the forward charging of the wall that I'm about to hit... with those words typed, the steadiness of Joey's shallow breathing, is telling me, she too, has surrendered to today… or at least long enough for me to hopefully go take a shower.


Happy Week's Start!
{P.S. I have a really great giveaway in the works... Stay tuned!}

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