Tuesday, July 3


This post is a little past due. I haven't had much time to myself lately, let alone any time to sit, reflect, and compose. Right down, I'm stewed in the corner of the couch at my parent's camp stealing a minute.


Beanie is settling down for a nap at one end, the boys are coming off the shore from swimming, and the porch has the friends we count on this time of year to bring our way.


The weather is beautiful and the week of July 4th, the week I find a high point of my year, is here. All of my pictures for this post are from last week's Instagram pictures, but they are the only ones I've been able to upload, in the time that I've had. Our internet got burnt by an amazingly awesome thunder storm last week. I've been mooching off of other's WiFi the last week+…  bills toted along for online banking, photo orders submitted via in-law connection, and blog updates, in a spare minute, the day before the 4th.

I've been rather overwhelmed lately on many levels, but I've made an executive decision, with a mental head nod to match, that this week will be spend indulging in the company of the ones I love, while clearing my head submerged in my place of happy {Drew's Lake}, and hit the ground running when the dust of fun from the first week of July settles.


But for now, the dust is just being stirred and my minute of theft is up… there is a bloody mary begging to be mixed, a lake pleading to be cascaded, and friends company to be basked in, with hope of a Goodnyou? return before I re-entere the world of internet free.


PS. I have an amazing picture of the boys on my Goodnyou? Facebook page… check it out here{Calvin just KILLS me!}

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