Wednesday, July 11

Home For A Breather

I'm not exactly sure how, for a family who spent the majority of last week in our bathing suits, why I had so much laundry to file through once we got home. I stopped marking loads and reloads around 5 and set my sights on finding the satisfaction from stuffing the last pair of socks, into it's rightful place.


Other than the fact that I've developed some sort of head cold/allergy stuffiness, getting back into the routine of home is good. The reality of why I can never keep nice nails while we're here, is also very evident. And the answer to how we end up with more dog deposits on our lawn, while our own dog was away with us, is still looming.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, last week was rejuvenating in more ways than the typical 'away from home' way. I have a large number of people I would call friend, but a handful of them I consider family as well…. On the few occasions I get to surround myself with them, I submerge myself completely…This past week… I dove myself in a little deeper…


And now that we're home, home is good. Friends have gone back and all family has too. I'm taking a bit of a breather from the craziness of being away from the homestead, until the next wave of being on the go comes again.


This little breather doesn't exclude me from the crazy that is retained within our little homestead, but I guess that's one of the goods of being home.


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