Sunday, July 8

Slow Reset

This morning, I woke with a jolt. It was as if my subconscious knew, that the time of rest was over, the hour of go was here, and the button of reset had been hit.


There is something in the air at Drew's lake that relieves my manic state. It's as if the breeze whispers for me to slow down, as if the water itself has a power to soothe once submerged within it.


The last two weeks, when the kids have shown resistance to the slow life at camp, craved their electronic devices and staked claims of boredom at the water's edge, I've coached my patience along, telling myself that this is good for them… they need to learn to accept a slower… here is where their souls will grow… their creativity bloom… imagination flourish… find satisfaction in the simple...


And as much as I told myself this is what I wanted for them, it's what I needed for me.


I wouldn't being completely honest with myself if I didn't acknowledge the fact, that the days leading up to the kids and I retreating to camp, I was at a code orange warning of overwhelmed.


Unfortunately, my frustrations for other areas in my life, manifested itself as little patience within the core of my days. Imagine my relief to have woke up this morning, on the day, we are heading back home to the realities of responsibility, reset and refreshed, with my natural high energy mentality.


Right now, I've indulging in writing on the deck of the camp one last time, with the lake rippling to my right, kids running bare foot by my side, with the van half backed to my left…..


Feeling more aligned with the kids, reset from the slow, and ready to back to the fray.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes that's exactly what we need.....a break from the slow down and bring our priorities back in view. Looks like you all had a great week at camp...would love to see more photos too ;)

beth said...

annonymous is Beth btw LOL


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