Monday, September 3

A Baby Comes, School Starts, House Keeper Needed

The state of the house my family is living in right now is funny.

I use the word 'funny' because for someone who feels like a large part of her sanity depends on the decluttery of her own home, I need to find the humor in this chaos, for the sake of the children.


Things have just been in that end of summer/start of school disarray, throw the sweetness of a new born baby boy on top of things and you've got yourself a good old fashion 'who gives two back flips about house work' mentality.


I don't know if it's just me who feels this way, but my brother having a baby, feels so much different to me, than Nate's sister have one. Not in the amount of love I feel for these babies, but just the realm of emotions that comes with the experience of it all.


Bottom line, I'm not only the luckiest Auntie to have this little man in my life, but one proud Mumma, to have my own little babes show as much outward love for this very special guy, without hesitation, as they do.


There's something to say for watching your own littles love others and I can only hope it's one of those perks that come with trying to lead by example.


Tonight, we've settling back into the routine of school nights and it's one I think we're all glad to welcome back into our lives. Our alarms have been synced and set, morning routines revised, breakfast menu planned, and fit about not being able to wear Axe body spray thrown.


With the structure that school brings I'm hoping to be able to jump back on here, more frequently than summer as proven to provide… after the housework of course..

Until next time…


Happy alarm avoiding!

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