Thursday, September 27

Day's Start

Yesterday morning, as soon as my mind came to, I instantly had a vision of myself, blanket covered, couch curled, and lap top perched. I was hot coffee sipping and acutely aware of the stillness of the house that still slept. The mornings are starting to have a cold bite to them and yesterday's overcast, rain threatening sky just begged me to take advantage in its early morning offerings. I even entertain the thought of starting up the fire.

An indulgence of undisturbed writing seemed like inevitably fool proof.


As soon as I set out to make this vision a reality, the slight touch of hitting the 'brew' button on the coffee pot seemed to cause just enough of a ripple effect in the house.  The patter of one set of little bare feet lead the charge for a second set of slightly bigger jammied feet to follow, only to have the shuffling clumping of the reluctant third set, bringing up the rear.


From there, the day took off, as every day seems to do. Cartoon requests turned into lunch pick up, turned to pretend play, turned to no-nap-rallies, turned to a dirty dish scavenge, turned to 'just got to sleep' threats, turned to an overly crowed bed night.

24 hours later, here I'm sitting.. accompanied by wrestling chattered boys and a juice demanding girl, having almost forgotten about that glimpse of serenity I had yesterday morning.


Today isn't at all overcast and the day's dos feel as thought they have doubled over night. Going through pictures to upload, I'm realizing how unorganized I am in that department and just stumbled upon Wesley's first day of school pictures that I was just about to clear, before unloading, from a card.


I've been busy beeing at its best lately, multi tasking to the max, and almost buckled under the pressure of having too many irons in the fire, when yesterday proved to add a few more staffs to the flames. I've been cleaning every nook, decluttering every corner, and still I feel like I'm very much in the weeds of it all. {Ok, I really only used the expression 'in the weeds' because it makes me feel like I'm on Top Chef, which reminds me to check to see when the next season starts, which reminds me the DVR needs to be freed up, which reminds me to read up about switching providers, which reminds me I need to switch the seats in the van, which reminds me I need to clean the van, which reminds me about cleaning the coop, which reminds me about taking eggs to Becky, which reminds me about soccer shirts for the kids today, which reminds me about soccer, which reminds me about preparing something today for supper tonight, which reminds me how I wish I was a judge on Top Chef, which reminds me I need to check to see when the next season starts}

Would it be too exhausting to admit that that's how my mind works, 100% of the time? Or validate when Nate interrupts me mid-sentence and reminds me to focus on the first point I was trying to make, 15 subjects ago…. yes? Then never mind my admission to either...


Regardless in the way this day has started, it has and apparently my attention to it is need…..

Happy Thursday!



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ALL Good in mommyhood said...

Sam, your pictures are fabulous. And I also have been relishing quiet in the mornings...for the few minutes until tiny feet wake!!


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