Wednesday, September 12

An Apple A Day? We'll Find Out.

Last Friday, we were suppose to head to Massachusetts for our niece's 2nd birthday. Wesley came home from school, with a note from the nurse about an ear infection, Nate's queazy stomach prompted grouchiness, and Josephine's and my sinuses had a feeling, as if there was a T-minus count down, to them exploding in our faces. Needless to say, we last minute decided against going and hunkered down, rather than party it up.


Saturday was a much needed do nothing day. I'm pretty sure the kids stayed in their PJ's more hours of the day, than they didn't. Nate and I watched two full movies, which is almost unheard of, seeing as I am living in a house which has children who never sleep and a husband who can't stay awake once stopped.


Since then, noses are still stuffy, coughs are still echoing, doctors have been visited, and a prescription passed out. We're not as bad as we were the last few days, but not as good as we will be in the next couple ones to come.


Speaking of the next couple of days….. consider me a hot mess by the end of them, with Calvin officially starting school. I know it's happening, I know it's inevitable, but I still haven't allowed myself to really let its reality sink in yet.

Now speaking of reality sinking in, have I even mentioned how I have a husband who's a compulsive, cockamamie, decision maker? {see what I just did there? how I changed the subject from Calvin going to school to something not even close to the topic at all? Welcome to my super stealth, avoidance tactic… Carrying on}…. 


Where I'm a mauler of ideas, planner of approaches, postponer of commitments, Nate is my polar opposite….. He's a shoot from the hip, jump before looking, figure it out along the way, kind of guy.

This time, he has committed us to 50 apple trees, which has turned into what will now be referred to as Operation Richardson Family Apple Orchard.


Sunday evening was spent preparing an area for these newly attained apply trees. True to Sam form, I found myself getting excited about this new adventure and also shaking my fist at my nature to not only go with the flow of these impulse commitments of Nathan's, but embrace them as well.


A nature, I can only hope is as easily surfaced, when it comes to embracing the next step, in my baby boy's new adventures, he is so excited to start…


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